Your Health is in Control

75-80% of illnesses are avoidable
with proper nutrition, exercise, sleep & healthy habits.

What you do matters to your health!

Personal Touch

Each class includes a 1-hour consultation with Dr. Allan to ensure you understand and apply the course teachings properly.


All classes include the Achievement Program with the program recap and journal to help you track and measure your success.

Life Transformation

Transformation occurs by developing and practicing new healthy habits. You improve your health & enjoy life as it should be.

Best Exercise Program For The Musician

Most Popular Course

Musicians are like athletes. They use their muscles in intense ways to produce music that makes our hearts soar. That’s why they need The Best Exercise Program for the Musician.

But like athletes, repetitive motions take their toll on their bodies. If musicians don’t take care of their bodies and keep them fit, pain begins. That pain can lead to the loss of a job. Or even worse, chronic, debilitating pain that strips them of their livelihood.

Learn how to take care of your body and avoid pain and a diminished quality of life.

Academy Courses

“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in daily routine.”

Best Exercise Program For The Musician

Posture-Movement Education

Achievement Wellness Program

Are You Taking Proper Care Of Yourself?

We know you want to be healthy and energetic.
To achieve that you must take responsibility for your own health.
No one else can do it for you.

We get it. It’s hard to make changes.
It’s also frustrating finding the right information and support
to make those changes, create healthy habits, and see results.

More energy, less pain. Feel like your body was meant to feel.

We believe everyone deserves good health and access to empowering wellness education. Our classes help you overcome the health issues that cause pain and struggle in your life.

We teach you the techniques and habits to achieve and maintain peak health throughout your life.

Avoid Chronic Conditions

Adopt healthy lifestyle habits to improve your health.

Reduce Pain

Don’t spend your life living with chronic pain.

Fight Disease

Covid19 has proven that staying healthy helps our bodies ward off infections.

Save Money

Insurance pays less, so staying healthy saves you money.

Prevent Illness

Preventing illness costs less than treating it. Not just in money, but in the cost to your quality of life.

Learn to build and maintain healthy habits for a lifetime of health & happiness.