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Supercharge Your Smoothie

Add Superfoods To Supercharge Your Smoothie Consider adding superfoods to your smoothie. I use the same scooper that is in the can of Multi Collagen Protein Powder and add one scoop of the following: Hydrolyzed Collagen INGREDIENTS : A Multi Collagen Protein Featuring Food Source Collagen Type I, II, III, V and X Hydrolyzed Collagen

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Day 45/60: Movement Principle #5: Form First!

15 More Days to Go! I cannot believe I have come so quickly up to day 45 of my 60-day wellness cleanse. I have been going live on Facebook for forty-five days in a row and sharing daily updates regarding my achievement program. You can visit this link and see the blog posts to learn

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The Lockdown Lowdown: Another Viewpoint

Wow, Some Crazy Year? Wow, some crazy year… Seems like everyone you talk to feels this expression… whether they say it or not. Then you have divisions everywhere on what to do. Sure we have a virus. Why should that surprise anyone… but to lockdown again? Joe Biden’s Corona Virus Task Force is suggesting something

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Day 43/60: Movement Principle #3: Your Feeling is the Answer

I Feel Fantastic! It is day 43 of my 60-day wellness cleanse, and I feel fantastic on this journey to restore my health. Some health challenges motivated me to do this cleanse. Now, I am feeling pretty amazing about what I have been going through for the last forty-two days. The cleanse that I am

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Day 42/60: Movement Principle #2: Move The Whole Body With Comfort

Knowledge of Movement Principles Have you ever given this a thought… Life can be more comfortable and healthy with a foundation of knowing how to move my body with less effort and more power. Welcome to the study of movement education. I’m here to share movement principles that are fundamental to my Posture-Movement Education based

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Day 40/60: Posture-Movement Education

Today marks two-third of my 60-day wellness cleanse. I am doing some great, amazing things to help myself heal. I have been taking supplements and doing hypnotherapy. It feels so fantastic that I think I could do it for a whole year. Check out more about what else I am doing through these blog posts.

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Day 39/60: Your Pick for Greatest Leader of all Time

Inspiration Keeps You Going! I am almost done with two-third of my wellness program in the 60-day healing cleanse. Every single day, I have been going live on Facebook to keep myself motivated. I’ve learned that inspiration is the key factor that keeps you moving forward. We all have hard times, and in such time,

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Day 38: Take On Stoic Philosophy

Key Component of the Cleanse I am going through my 60-day wellness cleanse. Every day, I talk about something new including the components of my achievement program. Going live on Facebook and sharing what I am doing is a way to stay in touch with everyone. It motivates me to go ahead every single day.

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Day 37/60: Best Breathing Practices For Musicians

Proper Breathing is Essential For Musicians It has been 37 days since I am on my journey to restore my health. You can discover what I have been doing on my 60-day cleanse through these blog posts. For the last few days, we have been talking about breathing. Yesterday, we learned about Dr. Andrew Weill’s

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Day 35/60: Breathe!

You cannot Survive without Breathing! I am on day 35 of 60. Every single day, I have been taking a step to continue my wellness achievement program and sharing insights live on Facebook. It has been a wonderful journey to restore my health. I feel fantastic. Find out more about what I am doing and

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Day 34/60: Upgrade Your Life – Get A Treatment!

Deeper Healing and Cleanse For the last 33 days, I have been going live on Facebook to stay motivated and inspire everyone around with this achievement program. Today is a new day with another life-changing message. If you want to live your life to the fullest, this post is something you should not miss! I

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