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Day 33/60: More Tips on Sitting & Practicing For The Guitarist

Yesterday, I talked about getting comfortable sitting and practicing the guitar. Today, I will continue the same topic and give additional suggestions about sitting and practicing guitar. You can watch my Facebook video HERE, which I did live on day 33 for my musician brothers and sisters. Prop Up the Guitar Whatever you do to

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Day 32/60: Get Comfortable Sitting & Practicing The Guitar

Your Sitting Position Matters It is day 32 of my 60-day cleanse to help myself heal. I share a video live on Facebook daily to keep in check with everyone. I appreciate your support on this journey. If this is the first post of the series you are reading, you can know more about my

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Day 31/60: Get Balling With Your Whole Body

Sitting For Too Long? Sitting too long is a self-defeating habit. Whether it’s in front of the computer or office work, locking yourself into a repetitive position without varying your movements can lead to musculoskeletal hell. In this 60-day cleanse, no matter what I do, I want to keep rolling and going with the flow.

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hiking, mountain, climbing mountain

Day 30/60: Harness The Power of Momentum

30 days! Can you believe it? It gives me immense pleasure to write that I have completed 30 days of my 60-day wellness achievement program. Whoa! It is halfway through my cleanse. A month of healing myself! I have been going live on Facebook to keep everyone along with me on this journey. You can

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stress management

Day 29/60: Using Stress To Your Advantage

How I Channelize My Stress? It is day 29 of my 60-days wellness cleanse. For almost a month, I’ve been going live on Facebook to share what I’m doing on my journey to restore my health. Your support keeps me motivated to overcome the stress I experience. And that’s what I will be talking about

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optimal health

Day 28/60: Keep Rolling and Go With the Flow

Cleanse to Optimal Health I am on day 28 of my 60-days cleanse to optimal health. It is almost halfway there in this journey to wellness and life. I went out on the beach and posted a live Facebook video to describe my movement education philosophy. Moving with Flow Rest and relaxation is a significant

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Day 27/60: Facemasks – What’s the Health Risk?

Why I’m Talking about Facemasks? Today marks day 27 of my 60-day healing cleanse. Yesterday, I talked about being social and working out outdoors. Day 27 is another day on my Achievement Program and I have chronicled each day with a post that can be accessed HERE. Many people are over-zealous about face mask rules

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Social and Workout

Day 26/60: Be Social and Workout!

Healthier and Happier! I began my 60-days cleanse at the times when COVID-19 was at its peak. Now, as the cases are declining, people have started to go out. This wellness cleanse program is not just about being healthy. It also leads you to a happier and better life. Socializing is crucial for human health.

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Exercise for Hands

Day 25/60: Think a Moment About Your Hands

Hands Need Your Love We are on day 25 of the 60-day achievement program featuring my wellness cleanse. I cannot believe it has been almost a month. Time flies! I want to thank everybody for supporting and joining me live on Facebook in this program. If you just joined, check this page to find out

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Day 24/60: Roll Out Your Aches & Pains

Foam Rollers are Amazing! In this 60-day healing cleanse, I am practicing many great things for my health. Every day, I present live on Facebook and share an educational message and update you on my 60-day journey. I share how I’m feeling each day and what I am doing, and I feel amazing. Today, I

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Green Smoothies

Green Smoothies To The Max!

Rev Up Your Blenders… Vroom Wow – what do we have here? Green smoothies have really come into their own. And there’s nothing wrong with old school either. Old school reminds me of simple. Just grab a handful of greens (choice greens could be mint, celery, arugula, chard, kale, parsley, and spinach) add some fruit

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Oral Chelation

23/60: Featured Supplement – Oral Chelation

Cleanse to Heal It is day 23 of my cleanse to heal. I go live on Facebook daily and share what I am doing. I believe if I am doing something good, it’s my duty to introduce you to it so you can benefit too. David Allan Wellness is my company and my name is

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