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Day 22/60: Featured Supplement – Hydrolyzed Collagen

Miraculous Health Cleanse It’s been 22 days. Each day, I have been showing up live on Facebook to give you insights on my 60-day Achievement Program targeting a cleanse. The Achievement Program signifies a commitment to wellness. It’s flexible in the fact that it could target a cleanse or any health challenge you could think

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Day 21/60: Featured Supplement – Minerals

Another Supplement? Why? I have been discussing the supplement program on my 60-days cleanse via daily Facebook Live sessions. When I talk about the supplements, I want you to know the crucial role they play in your optimal health. I’m following a really healthy diet on this cleanse. With that said, supplements still play a

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Day 20/60: Featured Supplement – Colon Cleanser

Wow! 20 Days! I feel so proud to write this and that I have made it to the 20th day. I have actually gone through one-third of my program. I planned this 60-day cleanse to reset my lab numbers back to normal levels. I’m confident to reverse the lipid panel results, but not so sure

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Vitamin D

Day 19/60: Featured Supplement – Vitamin D

Epic Heal Cleanse Day 19 of my 60-days wellness cleanse makes me experience epic healing. Every day, I go live on Facebook to share the new step I have taken on this journey. For these 60-days, I am trying to bring everybody along with me to go together and stay motivated for growth and health.

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Day 18/60: Featured Supplement – Probiotics

Reset Cleanse I call this 60 days cleanse I am doing to help myself heal a reset cleanse that miraculously transforms your life. In your daily life, sometimes, you may lose track of healthy routine habits. To make sure you are on the right path, cleanse is an amazing thing to follow. It pulls you

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Day 17/60: Featured Supplement – Digestive Enzymes

Day 17 of 60 Days Wellness Cleanse As I am doing a major cleanse to heal myself, I feel myself experiencing a life-changing transformation. For those who just joined, I’m checking in with Facebook daily, where I go live for a couple of minutes and share what I am doing. This blog brings more details

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Multivitamin supplements are a must for health

Day 16/60: Featured Supplement – Multivitamin

Vitamins Are Necessary Vitamins provide anti-oxidants and nutritional supplements for cleansing the body of free radicals. They keep your nerves healthy and going seamlessly throughout the body. This is crucial to carry signals in the body and sustain the nerve health. Their absence deprives the body of strength to convert food into energy, absorb minerals,

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Day 15/60: Exercise For Free

Day 15/60: Exercise For Free!

Exercise for Free? Everyone likes free, don’t they? Yeah, baby… FREE! No gym fees, no dumbbells, no yoga mat, no trainers… why you don’t even need sneakers to get busy with this program. We call it Bobbling On day 3, we said move it or lose it, and that’s the truth when it comes to

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Day 14/60: What is the most important component of your diet?

My sixty-day cleanse Every day I’m posting a Facebook live video to show my commitment to my 60-day program and to help inspire others that can use some healing in their life. That healing could be anything that is affecting the quality of your life, or a pending health issue that you don’t want to

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Day 13/60: The Benefits of Fermented Veggies

Simple, Healthy and Probiotic-Rich! As described in a great post in DIYNatural, Fermented Vegetables: Simple and Probiotic-Rich, the benefits of fermented veggies are off the charts. They’re low in calories (sure eat as much as you like), tasty, good for you, rich in probiotics that will help maintain a healthy gut. Veggies are low on

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Day 12/60: Ear Magic Heals

Update on the Cleanse For those that are just joining these posts, I’m on a major vitality cleanse. In response to very high PSA levels and high cholesterol in my last lab test, I’m on Facebook Live everyday, and following up with a blog post to bring in more details. I’m on a mission to

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Day 11/60: Understanding True Mind Power

What’s behind these posts and the numbers with the days? I’m doing a cleanse for 60 days to help turn around my high PSA levels and reduce my cholesterol numbers. I know the power of the body, and I’ve decided to post a little every day to help you understand what I’m doing in the

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