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Don't Let Pain Interfere with Playing Your Music

Your music is your livelihood and your passion.
Without a way to keep your hands and body free from pain and discomfort, you risk impairing or losing your ability to play.

Condition Your Body Like An Athlete

Like an athlete, you use your body in repetitive ways over and over. It eventually takes its toll on your body. Just as athletes condition and train their bodies, musicians must do the same to keep their bodies and hands in peak condition.

We've developed a program just for you.

You’ll learn the causes of pain, proper posture and movements to avoid and reduce pain and exercises to strengthen your fingers so you play faster, with better tone and command of your instrument.

Course Curriculum

  • A message from your instructor.
  • Disclaimer and medical waiver.
  • Course materials you'll need.
  • Essentials and overview of the course.
  • The evolution of Musicianship Wellness.
  • Quiz: The evolution of Musicianship Wellness.
  • Posture assessment.
  • Assessing the assessment.
  • The importance of movement education and conditioning your mind and body.

  • Introducing the program and our philosophy - AM-I.
  • AM-I in depth.
  • Welcome to Bobbology
  • Your first exercise: Don't stand up straight!
  • Move It Or Lose It... Our posture rap song.
  • Downloadable posters.
  • Foundational essentials video playlist.
  • Test your learning.

  • Introducing the Embodiment exercises.
  • Pelvic rock & roll.
  • Soar like an eagle.
  • Bow & arrow.
  • Blowing in the wind.
  • On & off the chair.

  • Introducing Embodiment movement from the source.
  • Introducing Embodiment movement principles.
  • Move videos with Dr. R. Grant Ramey of Embodiment.
  • Time for some feedback. 

  • Simple standing stretches.
  • Standing exercise preview.
  • Standing exercise #1: Awareness of body on feet.
  • Standing exercise #2: Walking in place.
  • Standing exercise #3: 

  • Overview.
  • Knees bending together exercise.
  • Knees bending in opposition exercise.
  • How to use this in your day. 

  • What is Hypnotherapy?
  • What is the reprogramming hypnosis system?
  • What are the positive benefits?
  • Self-hypnosis instruction for the musician.
  • Downloads to get you started.

  • Meet Greg Irwin, CEO of HandHealth.com and the Finger Fitness Expert.
  • Introduction.
  • Precautions.
  • Choice finger fitness exercises.
  • Let's practice.

  • Introduction and guidelines.
  • Sitting exercises.
  • Core exercises for the back.
  • Extension exercises for the back.
  • Extension exercises for the abdomen.
  • Let's practice.

  • Introduction and guidelines.
  • A playlist of 12 great foam roller exercises.
  • Let's practice.

  • Here's a self-contained program to help you retain what you've learned in the course.
  • Download the 60-day daily journal and get your to-do list going to build your new habits.
  • There's a build-in weekly accountability feature to help you stay motivated and consistent with your activities. 

  • Everyone will get a one-on-one 60-minute video coaching session to troubleshoot any part of the program, answer questions, and discuss any health issues or concerns if any.


If musicians had a sure-fire way to keep themselves healthy, then this course wouldn’t exist. But musicians are notorious for working with their pre-existing habits that usually lead them to pain, dysfunction, and career-ending injuries. Or at minimal, their potential will never be realized. To stay healthy takes work, responsibility and know-how. This course will set you on a healthy path to transform your life and career.

The course is yours for one year from the date of purchase. Since this is a pilot-beta course, we will be taking all the feedback and updating the course later in the year. You can always attend a future updated course for $97. 

  • We teach you HOW TO PLAY. We teach more than a list of exercises. We teach HOW TO PLAY besides what you play. HOW YOU PLAY is the foundation of what you play and the end result of your musical expression, be it a practice or a performance. How much attention do you place on HOW YOU PLAY? What mental and physical conditioning do you consciously employ to play with the most authority and power and with the least amount of effort? Could your performance be better if you sit and stand with less effort? Could your fingers move faster and easier if your hands were better conditioned? HOW YOU PLAY is usually done unconsciously and that could very well lead to trouble. HOW YOU PLAY determines your performance in the short and long term. How you feel is always is reflected in what you play, and most musicians succumb to many health problems and repetitive strain injuries like tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome that can be avoided by just knowing more about  
  • We teach DIVERSIFIED MOVEMENT EDUCATION. It’ our brand of posture-movement education that synthesizes the best movement educational systems including Embodiment, Alexander,  and Feldenkrais.
  • We have a built-in ACCOUNTABILITY SYSTEM. Our program not only teaches you, but has a 60-Day Achievement Journal that helps you track and schedule your new habits.
  • We have the FINGER FITNESS EXPERT. Greg Irwin has joined forces with David Allan Wellness to bring you the best conditioning exercises for the hands.
  • We’ve got BOBBLOLOGY  AND BOBBLING MOVEMENTS. Created by Dr. David Allan, this will quickly break up the repetitive strain that occurs in all musicians. You won’t need any equipment and you will see tremendous results in just a few minutes
  • How about a 60-MINUTE PRIVATE VIDEO CALL WITH THE COURSE CREATOR. Everyone in the program will be able to schedule at their convenience a video chat to troubleshoot any topic in the program or any health concern or issue you may have.
  • We will have ONGOING SUPPORT ON SOCIAL MEDIA. We’re here for the long run and will have you covered if there’s anything you need.  

GO AT YOUR OWN PACE. Please be cognizant that you will have access to this course for a period of one year from the date of purchase. Since we are beta-testing this course online for the first time, we will get a consensus of how long it will take the average student to get through the materials at a comfortable pace.

We offer 100% refund if we are notified before 3/1/21. No questions asked. There will be no refunds after that date. Before you purchase make sure to visit a live or recorded webinar and register for the free preview course. This will give you samples of what it’s like before you buy. If you have any questions, feel free to reach us on our contact us page.  Leave a message HERE, or send me a PM on Facebook

A Peak Video Preview
 – Greg Irwin –
The Finger Fitness Expert

We are fortunate to have Greg Irwin join our program. He created hand-conditioning exercises that will keep your hands in top condition. 

Kind Words From Musicians and Educators

I’m a professional musician and a senior faculty member at MI.edu in Hollywood, CA, and have known Dr. Allan for over 40 years. It’s great to see him bring his Musicianship Wellness programs to the global online community and wish him the best and the success he deserves. I endorse his wellness education for all music students to give them a better chance of reaching their true potential as a musician.

Al Bonhomme, Instructor

Musicians Institute

I want to thank Dr. Allan for his presentations on Musicianship Wellness at our school. As Chief Academic Officer for the Musicians Institute, I understand the importance of wellness and the foundation of wellness education for all music students.

Dr. Rachel Yoon, Ph.D.

CAO at Musicians Institute

Dr. Allan is one of the most phenomenally talented chiropractors & educators I have ever known. I should know since I've written my dissertation on musicians' medical injuries). Musicians - take heed. As a professional musician himself, he has a special sensitivity and understanding in this area. I recommend David with all my heart. He is a beautiful and wonderful gift to this world!

Dr. Ann Rardin, Ph.D.

Music Program Specialist at the
The Harmony Project

Commitment To Healthy Living & Wellness

Dr. David Allan has helped so many people with his commitment to healthy living and wellness. 

Being a musician himself he totally understands the physical strains of repeated motions and positions. I am so fortunate to say that he has helped me immensely with my lower back, wrist, elbow, and neck pains. 

Being an upright bassist I am on my feet for long performances. Dr. Allan got to the core of my discomfort.

I’ve attended his programs in the past. Do yourself a favor and join Dr. David Allan’s wellness course and method. Your life depends on it.

Thank you, Dr. Allan!

Edward Resto, M.A., Musician

is now open at *50% off

*Since this is a new format we want your feedback through the program. That’s why this course is reduced by 50%. Normally $597 and now only $297. After thousands of hours and years of preparation, Dr. Allan has formatted his program for the online audience. Be the first ones to take part in this unique and comprehensive wellness course for musicians.  

Course Opens Saturday, February 22, 2021


Don’t wait. Condition your body for the rigors of playing an instrument. Be proactive and learn how to master self care.

Get healthy and stay healthy with the Best Exercise Program for the Musician.




3 X $107

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