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David Allan Wellness 60-day Cleanse

Day 48/60: Get Off The Chair!

Apply the Movement Principles In the last week, I have talked about seven different principles involved with the movement. The sole purpose of posture-movement education is to teach you how to live life with the least effort and

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David Allan Nutrition Protein Powder
Nutrition Protein Powder

Supercharge Your Smoothie

Add Superfoods To Supercharge Your Smoothie Consider adding superfoods to your smoothie. I use the same scooper that is in the can of Multi Collagen Protein Powder and add one scoop of the following: Hydrolyzed Collagen INGREDIENTS :

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The Lockdown Lowdown: Another Viewpoint

Wow, Some Crazy Year? Wow, some crazy year… Seems like everyone you talk to feels this expression… whether they say it or not. Then you have divisions everywhere on what to do. Sure we have a virus. Why

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David Allan Wellness 60-day Cleanse

Day 41/60: Movement Principle #1: Get Comfortable!

Continuing the Movement-Education Yesterday, I introduced you to my posture-movement education philosophy. We discussed its three key fundamentals… AM-I. Awareness, Movement, and Implementation. Today, on day 41, let’s talk about where it all started and how did I

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David Allan Wellness 60-day Cleanse

Day 40/60: Posture-Movement Education

Today marks two-third of my 60-day wellness cleanse. I am doing some great, amazing things to help myself heal. I have been taking supplements and doing hypnotherapy. It feels so fantastic that I think I could do it

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David Allan Wellness 60-day Cleanse

Day 39/60: Your Pick for Greatest Leader of all Time

Inspiration Keeps You Going! I am almost done with two-third of my wellness program in the 60-day healing cleanse. Every single day, I have been going live on Facebook to keep myself motivated. I’ve learned that inspiration is

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