David Allan Wellness Program
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Day 1/60: David Allan Wellness Program

Do you have something in mind that needs fixing or repairing?

Now I don’t mean your car or your house, but the most important thing you own… YOUR LIFE.

It’s not always easy making changes but that’s where growth and healing often take place. I have such a satisfying and rewarding profession. Folks come in that need fixing and repairing, and I help them do just that. In the process, I’m constantly reminded to pay attention to my own well-being.

David Allan Wellness Program
To stay healthy you have to work at it; be adaptable and keep moving forward. Follow my 60-day program and get inspired and take action!

Doctor Heal thyself

I certainly need care just as much as my patients, and today is the day I plan to help myself. I will use the very tool that I’ve had my patients use and it’s a proprietary goal setting/achievement program called the Achievement Wellness Program (AWP).

What Needs Fixing?

As men age, there’s a number one killer they need to be wary of… prostate cancer. My PSA levels are very high and there is concern. Also my cholesterol is also high and there’s a history of heart disease and diabetes in my family. Although I eat extremely healthy, there’s an abundance amount of dairy and animal products consumed. It’ s time to do a major reset and I am going on a strict vegan diet that will be super healthy. I’ve chosen to make my AWP a 60-day program because that will be enough time to see a difference in my lab results.

Asking For Your Support

When you make changes and forge new habits, support can often make or break your success. Come root me on where I’ll be sharing many of my trade secrets with all of you. I’ll be reporting on how things are going everyday of the program.

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