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Day 10/60: More on Ayurvedic Eating Principles

Eating is a spiritual event and you should sit to eat. Say your prayers, chew and savor eat bite as if it was your last.
ayurvedic eating principles
Be mindful of the moment and the miracle surrounding the occasion.
ayurvedic eating principles
Come to the meal with an empty stomach. There should be at least 3 hours in between meals.
ayurvedic eating principles
Eating is often a social event. When you are speaking, make sure you finish chewing and swallow before speaking. Never eat while you have food in the mouth.
ayurvedic eating principles
Often in the Western culture, the focus is on just sweet and salty. In the Ayurveda, they recommend to eat a meal where all of the tastes are stimulated.

Think natural and Common Sense

When implementing Ayurvedic principles think natural and use your common sense.

  • Bring mindfulness to your dining experience
  • Eat when you’re hungry; stop at 3/4 full
  • Eat when your mind is at ease, relaxed and ready to eat
  • Don’t eat late! Give yourself 3 to 4 hours without eating before bedtime
  • Biggest meal of the day should be lunchtime. Go lighter at dinnertime
  • Don’t eat while driving or watching TV
  • No need to rush and inhale the meal

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