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Day 15/60: Exercise For Free!

Exercise for Free?

Everyone likes free, don’t they? Yeah, baby… FREE! No gym fees, no dumbbells, no yoga mat, no trainers… why you don’t even need sneakers to get busy with this program.

We call it Bobbling

On day 3, we said move it or lose it, and that’s the truth when it comes to living large and healthy. I thought of a fun way to get folks moving and we do with Bobblology. That’s getting the breath going with the entire body. When you first learn Bobblology, we can get the breath going with 4 different parts of the body… The head, shoulders, pelvis and feet. Well, we can look at an aerobic exercise program that just expands on this movement and we can do it standing in one place to begin.

Here’s how the free exercise program works

There’s 3 levels that are all similar, but delineated by levels of intensity.

  • LEVEL I: Your feet stay planted on the floor, and you start gently bending and straightening the knees in a nice rhythm. There’s a lot of flexibility in how this can be done without strict rules. The only strict rule is if there is pain or discomfort stop immediately and don’t continue until you modify your actions or you can get medical help to determine when it would be safe for you to continue. Usually, you can modify how you move and just do less. As you move up and down, then the shoulders can go up and down, and also forward and back. Focus on moving just one shoulder and move it with more vigor. At the same time, you can get your head moving around. Move more if you can feel comfortable moving more. Swing your hips back and forth and gyrate in one direction and then reverse. Do a hula hoop movement without the hula hoop. Do a twist and rotate the top torso in different positions and lean back and then lean forward. There’s no end to the possible movements.
  • LEVEL II: Do all of the above, but now you are raising your heels off of the ground… together or one at a time. You’ll find that this will turn up the intensity. Once again, if there’s any discomfort or pain stop immediately. If you are working with my services, contact us to let us know and we will troubleshoot your symptoms.
  • LEVEL III: Do all of the above, but now we raise the intensity up even more by having our feet leave the ground. You can call this running in place, and at the same time, you are bobbling your body.

You can think of these movements as free-form movements or free-form dancing. There are unlimited variations of what you can do with moving your body and soon I’ll have some videos to go along with this. In the meantime, you can review day 15/60 right HERE. You will need a Facebook account to open up the video. These movements should make you feel healthy and happy.

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