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Day 21/60: Featured Supplement – Minerals

Another Supplement? Why?

I have been discussing the supplement program on my 60-days cleanse via daily Facebook Live sessions. When I talk about the supplements, I want you to know the crucial role they play in your optimal health. I’m following a really healthy diet on this cleanse. With that said, supplements still play a crucial role because no matter how well we eat, we can still be deficient in essential nutrients. This is why I call supplements the best cost-effective preventitative insurance plan you can own. High-quality supplements provide you with additional nutritional value that can make a difference.

What Are Trace Minerals?

Your body needs different nutrients. Some are required in large quantities, while others in small amounts. Trace minerals or the micro minerals belong to the latter category. Since these nutrients are not manufactured by your body, you must consume them from dietary sources.

There are different essential trace minerals, which form a part of various processes taking place in your body. The trace mineral supplements bridge the gap between the nutrients we get from our food and the nutrients that are lacking in our system.


The Trace Minerals Supplement

I prefer to use the Trace Minerals Complex supplement by Seeking Health because it contains the essential trace elements in well-tolerated and easily absorbed forms. WHO experts recognize zinc, copper, selenium, chromium, cobalt, iodine, manganese, and molybdenum as essential trace elements in human nutrition.

Let’s see the health benefits of the minerals in this supplement.

Zinc plays a significant role in your cell growth and wound healing by DNA and protein synthesis. Copper intake boosts your iron metabolism and neovascularization. Selenium is a powerful anti-oxidant to destroy toxic free radicals and prevent cell damage. Adequate intake of chromium facilitates the normal carbohydrate metabolism to improve your blood lipid profiles.

Cobalt is an integral part of Vitamin B12. Manganese acts as a co-factor for many enzymes, thus catalyzing the amino acid, cholesterol, glucose, and carbohydrate metabolism; reactive oxygen species scavenging; bone formation; and immune response. You need iodine for the formation of Thyroid hormones, which in turn control your body metabolism.

Power Green Smoothie

I have elevated PSA levels, which is one reason I am on my cleanse. To keep it in check, I want to flood my system with greens that I blend up with Hydrolyzed Collagen (also on the supplement program). For this, you’ll do best with a high-speed blender such as a Vitamix.


I take organic mint, organic celery, and organic kale and place it in a blender and blend it with water, adding a couple of squeezes of lemon. If this is too bitter for you, you may add some berries, watermelon, or an apple to sweeten it up. Experiment by adding additional superfoods like organic chia seeds, organic cacao, organic hemp seeds, organic maca, and/or goji berries.

Also, make sure to chew your juice instead of just gulping it down. If we chew our juice, we allow the digestive enzymes in the mouth to begin properly digesting the drink that will lead to better absorption.

Feel free to order your supplements HERE. Stay tuned with my upcoming Facebook live sessions, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any assistance.

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