Exercise for Hands
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Day 25/60: Think a Moment About Your Hands

Hands Need Your Love

We are on day 25 of the 60-day achievement program featuring my wellness cleanse. I cannot believe it has been almost a month. Time flies! I want to thank everybody for supporting and joining me live on Facebook in this program. If you just joined, check this page to find out what we have been doing.

Today I am going to talk about hand health. Hands are usually overworked and underpaid. Especially if you are an athlete, musician, or anyone doing hand intensive activities, you must know that your hands need your love too. You need to maintain them just like the rest of the body.

As I finish this 60-days cleanse, I will be doing another wellness course for musicians. In this course, the Best Exercise Program for the Musician, we have a huge section on taking care of hands by way of conditioning them. I also emphasize bringing in awareness of all activities to help keep your hands healthier.

Simple Exercise for Hands

Here is a really simple exercise you can do to keep your hands healthier. STRETCH THEM. Open and close them and emphasize the open position. The hands are meant for grasping and we end up doing too much of this in our day. The opening part is the stretch, and you can initially start out with a gentle stretch and work your way up to stretching them out with your full effort and hold the stretch for a count of 10. It is so easy that you can do it several times a day.

Exercise for Hands

Firstly, open and close your hands quickly. Do this at least eight to ten times within a minute. Then open your hands in a slight stretching position. Don’t go really hard all at once. Keep the stretch slight in the beginning. Gently increase the potential with seconds. When you have maximized the stretch, hold your hand in this position for a couple of seconds. Finally, relax and let the tension in your hands go away. Repeat the process.

Finger Fitness

What is possible for bringing health to your hands? We do so many things with our fingers that often we take them for granted. It is important to bring more awareness to your hands and how you use them, and think of keeping them conditioned. We are all small-muscle athletes.

I am happy to announce that Greg Irwin of HandHealth.com has joined forces with me and will be featured in my upcoming wellness course for the musician. Check Greg out in action with his amazing finger fitness routine. Wow, thanks to Greg for your gifts to the world!


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