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Day 27/60: Facemasks – What’s the Health Risk?

Why I’m Talking about Facemasks?

Today marks day 27 of my 60-day healing cleanse. Yesterday, I talked about being social and working out outdoors. Day 27 is another day on my Achievement Program and I have chronicled each day with a post that can be accessed HERE.

Many people are over-zealous about face mask rules and regulations.

Comments like “Hey, where is your mask?” “Why are you not wearing the mask?” and “People like you are the part of the problem.” are the reason why I am talking about facemasks today. Feel free to watch my FB video, where I talk about my concerns regarding facemasks!

Facemasks can be Dangerous

I understand what masks do. If you are amidst people, wearing facemasks reduce the viral load and reduce the chance of transmission of the virus. It also prevents you from spreading your germs if you are an asymptomatic carrier of the virus.

The problem arises when you wear facemasks even when you are not around people. I saw some people wearing facemasks on the beach. And I wondered what’s the purpose? I believe using facemasks thoughtlessly can be dangerous. That’s why you need to use your common sense and decide when and where to use your mask.

What’s the Health Risk?

You can experience several unwanted side effects associated with the constant and irrational use of facemasks. Here the few reasons why I think wearing facemasks 24/7 is crazy;

  1. Your facemask makes you re-breathe your own carbon-dioxide, which is a waste product that you are supposed to exhale from your body. In this way, it decreases your oxygen intake.
  2. Your facemask may make the exhaled air go into your eyes. This can prompt you to touch your eyes, which is another risk for infection if your hands are contaminated.
  3. The cloth and texture of the facemask could feel uncomfortable, especially if it has multiple layers.
  4. When you talk with someone while wearing a mask, you may unconsciously come closer to each other, violating the six-foot rule.
  5. Your skin can become affected by the continuous use of facemasks. It can cause dryness, irritation, or even acne where the mask is in contact with your face.

Don’t Wear A Mask?

Of course, I’m not saying that! I just want to table this topic and let’s all of us understand what the mask can and cannot do. If you choose to not were a mask, then be respectful when with others. If your immune system is compromised, then limit your exposure to a minimum. The facemask is not a bulletproof covering that will save you from the coronavirus. Wear a mask when you are close to others in public gatherings. But when you are chilling outside, with no one close by, don’t you dare wear one. Focus on building your immunity… eat, drink, and think healthy and make sure you come for chiropractic treatments. And when you visit the office please note our COVID19 protocol.


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