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Day 28/60: Keep Rolling and Go With the Flow

Cleanse to Optimal Health

I am on day 28 of my 60-days cleanse to optimal health. It is almost halfway there in this journey to wellness and life. I went out on the beach and posted a live Facebook video to describe my movement education philosophy.

Moving with Flow

Rest and relaxation is a significant part of life. Sometimes taking a little break for a few days is essential, and that’s what makes me think about the importance of movement in life. On day 15, we talked about Bobbling. That’s a natural way of keeping your body moving with the flow.

To stay active and keep you in the loop, “good posture” or isolating body parts in exercise should never be the focus. It goes against the flow of life. The focus should always be on how you can live your life and do all of your activities with comfort and the least amount of effort.

My Movement-Education Philosophy

This philosophy is a fun way to learn how to move with less effort and more power. There are three steps;

Step 1- Awareness

Your journey to healing yourself begins with awareness. We have to see and feel in relation to our positions and movements. Before we assess or make adjustments, we first need to know the parameters of movement education. Awareness is the first step in the process.

Step 2- Movement

Our essence of life is energy flow, and the vibration of life can even be measured in various ways. Therefore movement is life, and life is all about movement. Since life dictates movement, it is best to go with the flow. Even when you are not doing any physical activity, your body is always in motion. Your heart continues to beat, lungs keep on taking Oxygen, and every cell consistently performs its functions.

Step 3- Implementation

It is the final step, you implement adjustments and responses to how you move through life. If you are a musician for example, you pay attention what parts of your body need to work where muscles will contract and relax to play an instrument. Then you relax with areas of the body doesn’t have to work. This can only be done after steps 1 and 2 are processed. The goal is to move with the least amount of strain and inturn your most powerful self will emerge.

Just Move!

optimal health

We need to recognize that movement is part and parcel of healthy living. I listened to a fascinating talk by a neuroscientist, who explained the real reason we have a brain. He justified that the only reason we have a brain is to produce adaptable and complex movements. Our movement is the only way we have of affecting the world around us.

Physical activity is the key to a healthy life. It releases myokines in your body and reduces the chances of inflammation of body tissues. It builds your muscles, protects your joints, burns fat calories, boosts your immune system, and increases neuronal connection strength. It has long-term benefits, irrespective of age, gender, or disease.

Whole-Body Movement

I’m a great advocate of movement fundamentals and one is whole-body movements in which I state “Hand’s move body moves.” Now what does that mean? When you allow your body to move as a whole both physically and mindfully, the movement gets dispersed in the greatest fashion, and that translates to dispersing the activity load across our entire system resulting in greater body comfort. Remember the accurate definition of comfort means to go with strength. This mindset and application will relieve any one particular area of your body from excessive strain. The end result will be more power and comfort with use of less energy.

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