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Day 29/60: Using Stress To Your Advantage

How I Channelize My Stress?

It is day 29 of my 60-days wellness cleanse. For almost a month, I’ve been going live on Facebook to share what I’m doing on my journey to restore my health. Your support keeps me motivated to overcome the stress I experience. And that’s what I will be talking about today. You can learn more about my achievement program on these blog posts that track my entire 60-day journey.

Welcome Stress!

You have heard so much about how stress can kill you, and that’s absolutely true to those that mismanage it. Despite the great havoc stress puts on your body, you can always choose how you react to that stress. You don’t need to get rid of stress, and in fact, you never can.

I understand that it may sound a bit odd, but stress makes you who you are. If it were not for stress, you wouldn’t be able to do anything in life. Stress is a vital part of the motivation that makes you do certain things in your life and motivates you to keep moving forward.

Consider your stress your good friend that inspires you to be a better version of yourself. Stress is also a primal mechanism that is meant to ultimately protect us from harm. It is a natural reaction of your body to any alarming situation that warns you of danger and tells you to take measures to be safe.

Stress Is Actually Good

I believe stress is a powerful emotion that asks you to face your fears and accomplish your goals. Even in routine life tasks, it helps you meet daily challenges. A study by Stanford University School of Medicine explained how stress could fortify immunity for the short-term.

stress management

If you think of stress as a potentially harmful thing, you will be surprised to know the positive effects of good stress on your health. Manageable stress helps your body protect against oxidative damage, which slows down aging. It also makes you physically and psychologically stronger.

Moderate levels of stress boost your mental performance. It stimulates the neuronal connections in your brain, which helps you become more productive under pressure. It pushes you to change, fight, grow, adapt, rise, and overcome.

How to Cope with Stress?

At times, you may feel overwhelmed by the stress. If it becomes chronic and you start getting panicked over little things, you need to learn how to manage it.

stress management

If you’re not in an emergency, take a deep breath, hold the breath for five to eight seconds, and then let it go. Repeating this simple breathing exercise for a couple of minutes will make you feel more relaxed.

Other popular stress management strategies include meditation, yoga, and exercise. On day 26, I talked about being social and doing workout outdoor. That’s another good way to manage your stress.

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