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Day 3/60 Keep Yourself Movin’


As part of a total cleanse you need to keep yourself moving every day. Most of us out of grade school forget this important adage. And besides the lack of movement, we contort ourselves for hours doodling on phones, stuck in our chairs at work, and sitting what seems like an eternity in front of computers and TV monitors.

A good way to turn this predicament around is implementing some type of exercise everyday. Here’s a fun way to exercise and it’s with an aerial yoga swing. These are getting very popular right now and you can see me in action by clicking HERE.

Keep Yourself Movin'
Here is the aerial yoga swing. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions. Under the video you’ll find the links to the products.


When you understand that your existing movement habits are the ruination of your health, then you can feel better. So what do you do? What habits do you need to change? It starts by becoming aware of your daily habits like sitting and standing. Like getting in and out of a chair. Next you have to pay close attention to how you are feeling as you do these movements. Then you can compare how different movements feel compared to the other.

I have a movement training course that is in development and will have it out very soon. These are lessons to help you get better habits for all of your activities. There’s education for all subjects in life, and there is education for you relearning how to move with less effort and more power. Stay tuned for more health tips and suggestions through this 60-day program.

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