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Day 4/60: Movement Education

Introducing Bobblology

Movement Education
The idea is to bring awareness to the above body parts and then use your breath rhythm along with the instructions to get each area moving. Soon there will be classes you can take to learn more. The goal is to live life with the least amount of effort and with more energy and power.


At David Allan Wellness we have fun and that makes learning less boring and you’ll retain more. We even have a posture rap song called MOVE IT OR LOSE IT.

Bobblology is a great way to become aware of your body, and then take action to work on the habits of keeping yourself moving more in your day.

Noodles are a rarity in my program. Even though it’s gluten-free, don’t let all these veggie flour pastas attract too much attention. When you grind down and process anything to flour, you strip nutrients number one, and then the absorption will be super fast because of the processing factor. There will be a much higher glycemic index reading on items ground to the flour state. These noodles, however, are very dense and when cooked Al dente will be better than most of the varieties out there. This was a scrumptious meal when adding an organic Nappa cabbage style Kimchi that wasn’t too hot along with some organic guacamole from Erewhon.


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