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Day 40/60: Posture-Movement Education

Today marks two-third of my 60-day wellness cleanse. I am doing some great, amazing things to help myself heal. I have been taking supplements and doing hypnotherapy. It feels so fantastic that I think I could do it for a whole year. Check out more about what else I am doing through these blog posts.

Introduction To My Movement-Education Philosophy

As a doc with close to 40 years of experience, I help people live their lives in the best possible way. That’s where my movement-education philosophy comes in. I plan to continue this series in short yet comprehensive posts for a couple of days, so you can understand thoroughly to make your life better. If you remember, we touched this topic briefly on day 28 when I talked about keeping rolling and going with the flow. Today, we will explore it in more detail.

Dr. Allan’s first global rollout of his presentation on movement education called Don’t Stand Up Straight.

My movement-education philosophy is a big part of my work in educating everyone on how to move and live your life with the least amount of effort and more power. I use the acronym AM-I to describe my philosophy. Curious, huh? Let me break it down for you. A is for awareness. M stands for movement, and I is about implementation. Combining all these three elements is a powerful yet fun way to take charge of one’s own healing process.


Awareness is the first step in the process. Awareness means to observe yourself in each moment and sense the amount of comfort you feel. Since there are only 2 essential feelings comfort and discomfort, let’s understand how we can decipher between the two as we live life. We can evaluate a position or movement with an imaginary comfort scale, where 1 is easiest and most comfortable and 10 is a maximum strain, and the most discomfort you can have. If we can bring awareness in this respect, it’s the first step in understanding the fundamentals of movement education.


The second step in the process is the recognition of movement as part of life. We must recognize that movement is happening all the time in our bodies. We are a bundle of vibrating molecules, maintaining the organization of life. Since life is all about movement, it is best to go with the flow and keep your body in motion. We must also concede that holding positions like sitting and standing up straight causes more harm than good because it causes more strain and discomfort. Move it or lose it is our theme and message suggesting a paradigm shift from just the very thought of just posture education.

At the heart of our posture-movement education is our very breath. Taking better breaths with mindful awareness is key.


In this final step, you will put awareness and movement into action and implement a strategy of less effort and more power. Less strain and discomfort and more comfort and strength and purpose in life. You can implement this into your life immediately in many ways.

We start with breath awareness and getting movement to the entire body. We also have movement principles and one would be to use your entire body when you do anything. We call that whole-body movement. For example, if you are someone who is bound to sit for long working hours, getting your whole body in motion with an exercise ball can be an excellent idea for you.

That’s all about today. Stay tuned for upcoming posts that will guide you in detail. For any queries, comments, or suggestions, feel free to get in touch with me via this page.

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