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Day 41/60: Movement Principle #1: Get Comfortable!

Continuing the Movement-Education

Yesterday, I introduced you to my posture-movement education philosophy. We discussed its three key fundamentals… AM-I. Awareness, Movement, and Implementation.

Today, on day 41, let’s talk about where it all started and how did I come up with this fun yet powerful way to help myself and my patients heal. Let me introduce you to the fundamentals I learned many years ago from Dr. R. Grant Ramey of Embodiment.

Introducing My Mentor

The 1980s: David Allan left; R. Grant Ramey right. Here Grant is sharing his embodi-moves with me.

The story began back in the early ’80s when I met Dr. R. Grant Ramey. He’s a movement education specialist and earned his Ph.D. in Somatic Psychology at the Santa Babara Graduate Institute. I was fortunate to train with him privately for 3 years that began my journey in movement education. Dr. Ramey is a master of providing simple ways to balance tensional forces in the body and relieve pain. His Embodiment teaching is an innovative and easy way to get your whole body comfortable.

2017: R. Grant Ramey on left

After I experienced the EmbodiCloud, I was hooked and I had to learn more. The education began from this position and appropriately, it’s the 1st principle to introduce to you – Learn how to get comfortable.

Here’s a description of the first movement education principle #1: Learn How To Get Comfortable.

EmbodiChair and the Neutral Position

The EmbodiChair is the only device that puts you in a totally neutral position. Now, what does that mean, and how is it important? All the major joints in your body are centered and aligned. When the entire body is in neutral, stress from gravity distributes evenly throughout your body dispersing strain to give you more comfort. It resembles a weightless or zero-gravity sensation, that will feel like floating on air.

Here’s the one-and-only EmbodiChair!

Follow along with the photo to your right to deepen your understanding. Your head is supported and centered on the neck.

  • Looking at the upper extremities… the arms are centered on the shoulders; the forearms on the arms; the wrists on the forearms; the hands on the wrists, and the fingers and thumbs on the hands.
  • Looking at the spine and the lower extremities… The entire torso is supported with the hips and knees flexed to bring comfort to the lower back, and the ankles are centered on the legs.
  • Every major joint system is aligned and centered… WOW, fantastic beyond belief!

EmbodiChair applies this concept to your whole body. It provides a position that keeps everything in place and supports your head, back, arms, forearms, hands, fingers, thumbs, buttocks, legs, and feet. In the following video, you can see a demonstration of this best relaxation support system.

Movement Education begins with learning how to get comfortable in a resting position. Introducing the EmbodiChair, the most comfortable position you can experience.

Two Movement Education Fundamentals For Today

  1. Everyone should know where the neutral place is in the body. Other terms can include balance, alignment, and center. With alignment, the least amount of stress occurs at the joint complexes.
  2. Once aligned, it’s vital to maintain movement in an around that neutral position. In essence, minimize holding any position because of the inherent strain that occurs while holding. If we hold we defer the natural flow of life creating more strain and discomfort. I explained this key point on day 40. The EmbodiChair being the most comfortable position teaches us this very fact. With the EmbodiChair you’re locked into a defined position and will get stiff only after a short period of time. The body moves and is nourished by movement. We must go with that flow and move it or lose it.

How About A Test Drive?

What are you waiting for? Test drive the EmbodiChair and more at my office in Los Angeles. Visit HERE and book an appointment or schedule your free consultation today.

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