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Day 43/60: Movement Principle #3: Your Feeling is the Answer

I Feel Fantastic!

It is day 43 of my 60-day wellness cleanse, and I feel fantastic on this journey to restore my health. Some health challenges motivated me to do this cleanse. Now, I am feeling pretty amazing about what I have been going through for the last forty-two days.

The cleanse that I am doing and that I promote and help my patients is more like a colon detox. As we talked about this on day 7, I am taking supplements to help facilitate my cleanse, and make sure I go with the flow of life. You can learn more about what I am doing through these blog posts.

Your Food Matters!

When you are on a healing cleanse, eating really healthy and organic food is the major component. Unless you are purposely aiming to lose weight, you’re able to eat as much as you like to make sure you feel satisfied and never hungry. It cleanses your inner body system and makes you feel energetic and lighter. In the process of the cleanse I teach Ayurvedic rules for eating that helps establish better eating habits once the program is over.

The healthier you eat, the better you feel.

Here’s an interesting observation… Digestion and absorption take a lot of energy from start to finish. From the first bite to final elimination requires lots of attention and energy. With a healthy eating routine, your system uses less energy and works less. That means more energy for healing. From my personal experience, the benefits of the program give you a tremendous energy boost that keeps on rolling.

Connect Your Feelings To All Your Activities

For the last three days, I’ve posted movement principles from my posture-movement education. Yesterday, I mentioned moving with your entire body. Today, here’s movement principle #3: Your somatic experience is the answer to how you are feeling.

We believe that the answer to what is comfortable is always right inside your head. Don’t let experts tell you what’s best or good for you. Don’t let a shoe salesperson tell you what shoe to get. Try it on and see how it feels. Your feelings will always give you the answer.

Movement principle #3: Embody The Experience Of How You Feel. Dr. Ramey teaches this profound principle.

Your Feeling is the Answer

Your feeling interprets the comforts and discomforts of life. However, it’s a skill that needs practice. Over time, you’ll build awareness and observation habit muscles to give you the intelligence to keep you in the safe green zone of comfort.

Move From Youth Energy to Conscious Energy

As we get older, we must get smarter. When we are young, there’s a lack of conscious awareness of our actions. When we are young the emphasis is on movement exploration and life is great as long as our parents keep us safe.

At a young age, we move unconsciously and freely. This is natural. As we age, natural movement dries up, and stagnation seeps in. Our society doesn’t lend itself to continue our movement exploration. Instead, it keeps us busy with activities outside ourselves. We sit, stand, drive, and work for hours on end… We text and vegetate in front of TV screens as our bodies get weaker by the second.

We must shift our consciousness to awareness, observation, and movement to counterbalance built-up strain and keep our system balanced and flowing. Connect yourself to what you do and don’t search for any answers outside of yourself. Your somatic experience is always the answer to how you feel.

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