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Day 44/60: Movement Principle #4: The Body Moves 3-Dimensionally and Not In Straight Lines

Have You Ever Done A Cleanse?

My 60-day wellness cleanse to help myself heal is going fantastic. You can see what amazing health goals I had set for this achievement program through these blog posts. And how I am getting healthier each day.

Before I begin talking about the next movement principle, let me ask you a question. Have you ever done a cleanse? If yes, should you do another one? And if not, I suggest taking action and go for it!

Should You Do A Cleanse?

Let’s check off the boxes. If you’re over 40, ever eaten processed foods, have any health challenges, whether it is fatigue, pain, digestive and addictive issues, or if you face the stress that interferes with your normal body functioning and performance, this cleanse program is for you.

A cleanse helps your body to get rid of toxic substances and be really healthy.

You should do a cleanse because your body needs healing, and cleanse is one of the most important health tools you can have in the modern world. Doing a cleanse does wonder for your health, mind, and spirit. It reinvigorates your body and builds long-term optimal health.

Human Body Moves 3-Dimensionally

Your body is designed to move and change its direction constantly. You can walk forwards, backward, step sideways, jump up and down, twist and turn your body. To complete any one of these tasks, several movements must occur at multiple joints simultaneously.

The way joint systems are arranged in your body, such as curves of the spine in your back, and the ball and socket joints of your hips and shoulders, it is natural for the human body to move in three-dimensional spirals. Your body rotation occurs in all three cardinal planes.

Movement principle #4: The Body Moves 3-Dimensionally and Not In Straight Lines

Your body Doesn’t Move In Straight Lines

Every day you use all three anatomical planes of movement without even thinking about it. Your body never moves in one direction. If that was the case, you wouldn’t be able to move your arm in front of you, behind you, or reach out to the side. Even the elbow and knee joints, labeled as hinge joints don’t just simply move in flexion and extension. There’s a slight amount of rotation occurring along the path of this motion.

The simple act of walking is not so simple in it’s purest form. When considering all the body joints moving along 3-dimensionally, it’s a nightmarish mathematical equation that needs a degree in physics to begin to understand. When we have an understanding of this complexity, we can begin to focus more on letting the body flow more as a 3-dimensional being. Test and feel the difference in conceived linear movements compared to movements with added rotation. Walk with your body and try to only move the legs and arms forward and back. It will feel awkward and unnatural and that’s because the body is not designed to move that way.

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