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Day 45/60: Movement Principle #5: Form First!

15 More Days to Go!

I cannot believe I have come so quickly up to day 45 of my 60-day wellness cleanse. I have been going live on Facebook for forty-five days in a row and sharing daily updates regarding my achievement program. You can visit this link and see the blog posts to learn about my health goals.

For the last few days, we have been talking about posture-movement education. I specialize in this field of health science. Yesterday, we discussed that human motion moves three-dimensionally instead of straight lines. Today, we will begin with the fifth movement principle I learned from my mentor.

Form First!

This principle employs that you should always consider your form before doing an action. Now, what does that mean, and why is form important? The form refers to your physical structure and body position. It will dictate what you can do and how efficiently and comfortably, you are able to do it.

Movement Principle #5: Form First!

I mentioned three fundamentals AM-I (Awareness, Movement, and Implementation) on day 40 when I introduced my movement education philosophy. Awareness is where it all begins. That leads to appreciating the natural movement and flow of the body. And finally, we implement through awareness again, our most efficient action possible.

Bring Awareness and Consider Your Form!

Your awareness provides feedback on how comfortable you are at any given time. In order to understand what you can do with your movements, you must look at the form first. The goal is to live life with the least amount of stress and strain. Build your awareness muscles and begin this process with everyday activities such as your resting and sleeping positions, sitting and standing or texting on your phone.

Take this simple example. Put both arms around your chest and hug yourself very tight. This should make it extremely difficult to take a full deep breath. Your form dictates what the body can do. Contrary to it, release your arms and stand tall and erect. There again the form allows you to breathe full and free.

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