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Day 49/60: Do The Best You Can

My Achievement Program

It is day 49 of my 60-day cleanse. I am embarking successfully on this journey to help myself heal. I have been going live on Facebook daily and sharing updates on my journey through these blog posts.

Now that you have movement principles to live by, you should take each situation and make the most of it. This is what I will be talking about today: do the best you can. It means to use your body as efficiently as possible based on movement education.

Bring Awareness and Use the Comfort Scale!

You may not always find yourself in an ideal situation to maintain a comfortable posture. These uncomfortable sitting or working positions put a lot of strain on your muscles. To overcome these, you need to be aware of your postures. Awareness is the first component of movement education, as I mentioned on day 40.

Here is the comfort scale to assess any movement or posture.

Whenever you come across a situation that doesn’t make you feel comfortable, do your best to adjust it according to the comfort scale. See what you can modify to minimize any excessive strain. Always keep in mind what doesn’t need to strain. If you cannot change a stressful situation, don’t compound the discomfort and proceed to continue straining for hours on end. You always have choices like inserting more breaks and create mini rest periods.

How Can You Do Your Best?

Let’s talk about how you can do your best with an example of a typical work activity many of us encounter in life. At your office, there’s a great desk, along with a monitor at the perfect height, and an excellent chair with armrests. This is ergonomics, and if you keep yourself balanced with some movement, you’ll find yourself very comfortable.

Now you’re on the road with your laptop. and find yourself in a new location. All you have to work with is a table and chair. How can you make the most of what you have to do the best you can?

  • MODIFY THE ERGONOMICS. Consider your seat height, support for the arms, and height of the laptop monitor. If you are sitting on a chair and working on a laptop placed on a table in front of you, you will be most comfortable when the desk or armrests support your arms. No support at arms or leaving arms hanging will contribute to more strain and discomfort. The laptop screen should be at the level of your eyes, so it doesn’t cause the neck to strain by constantly bending forward. If you don’t have a high desk, you can raise the laptop by a prop to maintain a good alignment.
  • MODIFY YOUR BODY’S POSITION. Apply those movement principles like sitting more aligned with the ability to gyrate the pelvis and connect them to the feet and entire body. Bobble your head and shoulders and take lots of breaks. For a review of the posture movement principles, see posts from day 41/60 to 47/60.

Reduce the Strain at Arms!

Apply the movement principles, and use the comfort scale as you try your best to navigate the most comfortable way to set up a work area with what you have. It’s not going to be always ideal, all you can do is the best you can with what you have.

A great way to reduce the strain on the upper extremities is to use a vertical mouse. In this video below, a vertical mouse is shown to reduce strain at the wrist and arm and that will impact the entire body. Your goal is to live life in the green zone of the comfort scale.

Here’s as great addition for adding comfort to your wrist and arm.

What Else Can You Do?

Doing the best you can is your goal. With a good background in movement education and use of posture-movement principles, along with your consideration of ergonomics, you’re on your way to a good comfortable life.

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