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Day 50/60: You’re Right-Dominant? Now Use Your Left!

50 Days! Wow!

I am so glad to write that I am on day 50 of my 60-day wellness cleanse. Only ten more days are to go! I want to thank everyone who has been supporting me since day one. If you have recently joined this story, you can check out the David Allan Wellness Cleanse blog posts HERE.

Every single day, I have been going live on Facebook to share daily updates. In the early days, I talked about different supplements to help facilitate the cleanse. Recently, I have wrapped up my posture-movement education principles.

Embrace Both Hands

For the past two days, we have discussed how to apply the movement principles in our daily lives. Today, I have another amazing way to embrace the balance in your musculoskeletal system. And that’s using your non-dominant hand.

Begin to use your non-dominant hand! If you’re a righty use your left. If you’re a lefty use your right.

David Allan Wellness

Most of us are right-handed (right-hand dominance).  Only less than 5% population of the world is left-handed (left-hand dominance). There are a lot of routine tasks you can do with either of your hands. Using both hands for certain tasks will help you achieve more balance.

Use the Non-Dominant Hand

A fundamental principle of movement education is to bring awareness to what you are doing. It gives you a chance to connect your feelings with the movement and actually sense how you feel when you do anything. Working with your non-dominant hand improves your fine motor skills and enhances your brain stimulation and function.

Using the non-dominant hand stimulates the non-dominant cerebral hemisphere of brain to help you achieve more balance and stability in movements.

If you are lefty and use your left hand for your routine tasks, try using the right hand. Similarly, a lot of right-handed people can begin by using the left hand for daily activities. No doubt, it will be hard in the beginning because your nervous system is wired to your dominant hand. The brain will quickly put a task into a habit to conserve energy because thinking takes more effort. But just like a child who learns to maintain balance with one hand (that becomes his/her dominant hand), you will also master it by practicing.

Here’s What You Can Do With Your Non-Dominant Hand!

Why not try the following:

  • Brushing your teeth
  • Eating an apple
  • Writing a letter
  • Typing a text
  • Washing your body
  • Cleaning the dishes
  • Using chopsticks (omg… now that’s a real challenge)
  • Opening a car door
  • Opening a cabinet
  • Plugging-in your devices
  • Hammering a nail
  • Clasping your hands
  • Turning on a facet
  • Unzipping a zipper
  • Be creative… what else can you think of?

However, if you find it too difficult to continue or if you are in a rush, use your dominant hand, because of course, nobody would want an accident!

If You Brush with Your Left Hand for 30 Days, This Will Happen to Your Brain!

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