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Day 51/60: The 2-Minute Miracle For Neck Stiffness

Neck Pain: A  Common Complaint

Most of us had or will have neck pain at some point in our lives. This common complaint arises from the straining of neck muscles due to stationary postures and repetitive movements involving the neck. Since we talked about posture-movement education in the last several posts, it’s time to use it to help you with neck pain and stiffness.

Every time your neck hurts, it’s a warning signal to grab your attention to take action. If this problem is related to straining of the neck muscles, then try this. Besides resting to restore normal function, movement exercises can be helpful. related to the strain or discomfort you experience in a posture. One of my favorite movement exercise methods that can help is the Feldenkrais Method.

Feldenkrais Method

Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais created the Feldenkrais method, and his contribution to the field of movement education is note-worthy. It was a part of my movement education over my years in practice. I’ve studied, learned, and practiced it from various teachers and practitioners. Watch the video introduction of this method below.

David Zemach-Bersin explains how the Feldenkrais Method works and the efficacy of Awareness Through Movement.

The Feldenkrais method is more than helping you with just neck issues. It is a revolutionary approach to improve your overall health by using gentle and mindful movement awareness. The guidelines for his method is doing the movements slowly and smoothly and making it as easy as possible. This powerful technique has helped millions of people all over the world.

Here’s the Miracle: Feldenkrais Exercise for Neck

When you practice Feldenkrais exercise, you will discover how the neck gets relieved of pain and stiffness. The sequence of movements is prolonged and awareness-orientated. You move slowly and keep the movements comfortable. Moreover, continue to keep your breathing relaxed and never forced. In the video below, you can see a Feldenkrais practitioner demonstrating this exercise.

Feldenkrais practitioner James Speer demonstrates the 2-minute miracle to loosen up the neck.

You begin by moving your head slowly from one side to another. Without putting a strain, you get a reference of how your neck is feeling. Even if you don’t have neck stiffness, this exercise can reduce the tension and loosen your neck muscles. The interesting thing about rotating your head is the slowness with which you proceed. Do it calmly and gently by bringing awareness to your movement.

Then place your palms on your cheeks and connect your elbows to your trunk. Consider the hands-to-face and the elbows-to-trunk as body parts that are glued together. Now as a single unit (face, hands, arms and trunk) rotate slowly to one side.

With the same slow movement, you come back to the reference center. As you repeat it two times, your movement will be even slower. After three turns, put your hands down and take a nice, deep breath. Then, you repeat the same movements three times by turning to the opposite side of the body. Have your breath flow freely, and just let go of every sensation of discomfort as you exhale.

This should bring relief. If it doesn’t, then consider contacting us to help and troubleshoot your condition.

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