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Day 52/60: To Achieve Victory – Start With Da Feet!

Feet Movements

On day 40, I introduced you to my posture-movement education. We talked about three fundamentals, AM-I (Awareness, Movement, and Implementation). Next, we discussed 7 movement principles. You can check out how you can apply these principles through these blog posts HERE.

Your feet are an important component of your body. You rely on your feet to get you where you need to be. They carry all your body weight when you stand or walk. That’s why I have decided to spare a separate discussion on how you can utilize your foot movements in the best possible way.

Your Feet Need Your Love Too!

Whenever you have any muscle pain, it is probably because of unnecessary strain, leading to discomfort. The same happens with your feet, too, when you ignore them. A 2014 survey shows that almost 8 in 10 Americans (77% of US adults) have experienced a foot problem.

This part of movement education talks about standing on your feet in the most balanced way. When you learn to ground your feet in a central, neutral position at a physical level, it also brings more balance and power at emotional and spiritual levels. That’s why you need to start with the feet to achieve the victory of a balanced and powerful foundation.

How Should You Stand?

Most of us stand on our feet the way we have always stood and it’s unconscious for the most part. Because that’s how we learned. In this video below, you can see an analysis of body and knee movement over the feet.

A better understanding of placing your body’s weight on the feet.

I suggest bringing awareness to the weight of the body and how it’s directed on the feet. Prolonged, unbalanced pressures can and usually does lead to most foot disorders. The video above introduces you to a neutral position. In neutral, the bodyweight is centered on the feet, and this is a great reference point for everyone to know and understand. It allows the pressure to spread evenly through the feet.

Discover the Neutral Position!

To know where the neutral place is, swing your knees in the position where the knee is right in line with the respective foot. Once you have understood the neutral position, apply movement in and out of neutral to get comfortable while standing. Try lifting and lowering the arch in coordination with your breathing cycle. As you breathe in the inside arch of the foot is raised swinging the knee outward to a supinated position. As you exhale, the arch is lowered and the knee swings inward to a pronated position. This allows for moving in and out of the neutral position so there’s not a held position for prolonged periods of time. Remember, don’t hold it and let it flow! Life is movement and you always want to go with the flow. Holding any body part creates more stress.

Here’s another video demonstration bringing your attention to balancing on your feet.

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