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Day 53/60: Get Certified In Standing

Understand before You Stand!

Yesterday, I talked about how you can achieve victory by starting with DA feet. Today, we’re going to continue our movement education to literally “understand” how to stand. Of course, you know how to stand but can we do it in a less stressful and more powerful way? Let’s take a closer look.

Let’s face it, we really don’t pay attention to our movements like sitting or standing. Since we learned them, we’ve been doing them unconsciously. Maybe some of these unconscious movement habits can be responsible for our pain and discomfort?

How to Stand Comfortably?

As we analyze your stance, notice you don’t stand absolutely still like a guard at Buckingham Palace. Unconsciously we will shift into various positions to relieve the stress of holding a position. If we raise the bar from unconscious to conscious movements, this is part of the process to learn how to stand more comfortably. Here’s a video that explores conscious movement while standing. See if you can feel a difference after putting these movements into action.

Watch this video and get certified in standing.

Movements To Consider While Standing

1.       Lift & Lower Arches

Remember, we talked about maintaining your feet in a centered, neutral position on the ground? Lift your arches as you breathe in, and lower them on the exhalation. Repeat this several times a day.

2.       Walk in Place

There is a lot of stress at the foot and leg when you stand. To relieve the stress, slowly walk in place lifting one heel and then the other. As you lift one heel the opposite shoulder should rotate forward creating a rotation in the back. Lower the heel and then do the same procedure to the other side. You’re literally walking in place by just lifting one heel and then the other. Just get that rotation in the back as you lift the heels up and down.

3.       Interlock Fingers In Front Of The Body

Now, what should you do with your hands? We often just let them hang or put them somewhere. In our pockets, folded across our chest, on our hips… you know the story. A great thing to do with our arms to take the pressure off the shoulders is interlock your fingers and keep your arms relaxed in front of your body. It puts your shoulders in better alignment, in a more open and neutral position.

Congratulations, now you are certified in standing with more balance and less stress!

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