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Day 54/60: Mind Your Walk To Power Your Life

Light at the End of the Tunnel

It is day 54 of my 60-day achievement program. Only one week more to go, and I can already see the light at the end of the tunnel. This cleanse is a great way to reset your body systems and regain your energy. That’s why I ask everyone reading this to do this wellness cleanse. Check out the details HERE.

Since day 40, I have been talking about posture-movement education. It is my specialty, and I am obsessed with discovering new ways that make our movements and postures more comfortable. Today, I will discuss walking and give a few pointers that will help you stay healthy and happy.

Complexity of Walking

Walking ( AKA our gait) is a very complex activity. It’s impossible to notice how all the body parts feel in this process. Mind you, all of your joints, ligaments and tendons are traveling through 3-dimensional space. It’s mind-blowing! Learn a little bit more in the video below. You will see the up and down movements, rotation manifesting the complexity of walking.

The science of walking is described as gait analysis.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

The way you walk reflects your life. Body language speaks volumes. If you look at the way someone walks, it will tell you a lot about them. Usually, when you walk, you let the subconscious take over and walk the same way you always walk. Often there’s little to no movement in the trunk and the arms hang by your sides like dead meat.

If you bring in more awareness and observation in your unconscious steps taken daily, it will help make positive changes in your walk to reflect a new and energetic you. Getting more pep in your steps is taking a walk on the wild side to power your life. If you get the vertebral column to twist more and get some energy into the arms, you will instantly become more powerful in every way.

How To Walk With More Comfort?

By focusing on the following points, you can walk with more comfort and power.

Experience a huge positive impact as you practice this light and fun handshake walk.

The best way to put a pep in your step is to get your arms moving with purpose. Do the handshake walk. The hand that is swinging forward reaches out like it’s going to shake someone’s hand. While implementing this walking style, your arms will move with energy and purpose.

As you take a step and throw out the hand to handshake, let you’re shoulder follow your lead and move forward rotating the entire back. This is what should naturally occur with each step you take. Walking like this lightens the body’s burden.

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