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Day 55/60: Create Your Success Story With The Achievement Program

One Week More To Go!

Today marks day 55 of my Achievement Program (AP) to help myself heal. I had some health challenges. My raised PSA and cholesterol levels made me do this 60-day wellness cleanse. I have been going live on Facebook since day one and sharing my daily updates with you.

I wanted to go on this program to document my own wellbeing. Your support throughout this journey to restore my health has helped me build momentum. Today I will give you an overview of this program and mention why it is beneficial for you.

Let’s Review the AP 60-Day Cleanse

I am doing a cleanse to revitalize my body. The AP is best described as a goal-setting program with many unique custom features. The name “Achievement” projects a successful outcome. Goal-setting just means setting goals, and anyone can do that with minimal effort.

I have limited this cleanse to a 60-day program, but of course, you can modify it according to your condition. I focus on setting a particular time frame because bringing a change in your habits and life-patterns is a time-taking task. How long it takes to make new habits stick will depend on many variables. I like 60 days because many new habits will have time enough to set in.

You Question, I Answer!

You can go through all the amazing things I have been doing on this cleanse through these blog posts. Once you review it all, you will be glad to know that anyone can do what I’ve done. That’s the purpose of these posts and it’s also a part of my business. Whether we work together or not, I want to share and see who is out there that wants to join and set their own goals. There are many people that want to improve their health and don’t know where to turn for help. I will continue to share and when you’re ready, I’m here to help.

Have a Question? Reach out to me HERE.

 To record your progress, I offer a free paperless or paper journal. Moreover, I am always available to provide free support at the AP Facebook Support Group.

Here are the answers to your most commonly asked questions:

What Is The Achievement Program?

The Achievement Program (AP) is is a versatile goal-setting-achievement program created by Dr. David Allan of David Allan Wellness to support your success whether it’s wellness-related or anything you want to achieve in life. It was first born out of a 60-day cleanse and eventually developed into a robust program for any health issue or challenge,

Also, this is designed to be used by practitioners, coaches, therapists, and trainers to use with their patients or clients where homework is assigned. There’s no cost for practitioners to use this program. Welcome aboard everyone!

How long Is The Program?

The default program is set to 60 days. 2 months is usually enough time to get results and make the changes in your habits. However, we also have AP journals set to 30, 90, and 120 days in length. This gives you the flexibility to DIY at a different length. Programs set for 90 and 120 days may be more suited for chronic health conditions, and similarly, if you are younger with less chronicity, a 30-day program may be all you need. If you’re not sure, go for the 60-day program. If you still want support in what might be best, feel free to contact us HERE.

What Is The Cost Of The Program?

FREE! Yes, this is a do-it-yourself program (DIY), and we want everyone to gain access to help themselves get better. We also have paid options to support you. Please contact us if you would like some help or need us to be your accountability buddy.

How can I get access to the Achievement Program?

Please visit the David Allan Wellness Academy to learn more, and soon we will have a free course and support options for the Achievement Wellness Program. If our program is not up and running yet, contact us.

Is the Achievement Program only for a cleanse?

The Achievement Program can be used for any achievement you might have in mind, and anything you want to improve. The Achievement ProgFor instance, if you want to be a guitarist, you can follow a 60-day achievement program to learn it.

Can life really be better in 60 days?

Of course! Your body is always ready to heal, grow, and glow. All it needs is your time, attention, and care. When you get a chance to take care of yourself for 60 days, miracles do happen.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask HERE.

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