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Day 56/60: My Cleansing Journey

It is the last week of my 60-day wellness cleanse. As I am concluding it, it is a great time to share more insight on my cleanse and answer your questions. I had some health challenges, which sparked the idea of my cleansing journey. You can discover more about my achievement program HERE. Let’s talk about the three most important questions regarding cleanse.

What Activities did I Adhere to on My Cleanse?

Have you been following my posts since day one? In that case, you already know that I used seven supplements to facilitate the cleanse, adopted a healthy diet, did different exercises daily, and got the whole body moving with posture-movement education principles.

Supplements to take on the Cleanse. Read more HERE.

What you will do on the cleanse will be unique depending upon your needs. A few mainstays like supplementation and a clean diet will be the same, but then, it varies for each individual. Even the diet can also vary depending upon what you want to accomplish.

The most important component of the cleanse is maintaining a healthy diet. I went followed a completely plant-based vegan diet. There were no fish, poultry, dairy, or other animal products. I avoided oils for the most part and refined sugar products. No honey, cane sugar, agave, maple syrup was used and only consumed some whole fruit. An abundance of salads and veggies, along with beans, nuts, and seeds made up most of the diet. I also consumed a power smoothie almost every day. A few great references I can suggest would be The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan by David Perlmutter, MD, and Eat for Life by Joel Fuhrman, MD. A diet like this is not for everyone, and it all depends on what you need. You can still do this program if you choose to eat

Was the Cleanse a Difficult Process?

On purpose we make the cleanse doable for anyone that wants to eat healthy for 60 days. It’s not difficult at all, but you need to make sure you are prepared and have the right mindset. If you have the right time to commit to yourself and a clear vision of what you are doing and why it is important, you can easily do this program on your own. if you are new to cleansing, I am HERE to offer you direct support.

The program is easy, and the goal is to establish good habits that you’ll take past the 60-day program. The program encourages you to develop better habits that will replace older habits that move you away from health and a good life.

What Happens after the Program?

It is the most anticipated question. I always say that you don’t do a cleanse and just return to what you were doing before. The 60 days is a time where healthier habits are forming and why not continue with them after the program is done? If you feel better, then continue an d set your sights on what else you can do. Why not another achievement program?

Regardless of my health challenges, I will continue with my new and healthier habits. That’s a big reason for doing this cleanse… To feel lighter with more energy, clearer in mind, and to look better and walk with more confidence. With the news soon of my lab test results, I will be updating everyone on my next steps on this miraculous journey.

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