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Day 57/60: Secure Your Life With The Achievement Program

Secure Your Life?

“All you can do is take control of what you can control.”

Yes, that’s a profound message from The Daily Stoic, by Ryan Holiday. Stoicism is my go-to-philosophy. I talked about my take on Stoic Philosophy on day 38.

In the above quote, Ryan interprets that the most important practice in life is differentiating between what you can change and what you can’t. You bring about only what you think about. When you have control over your ability to reason, it will guarantee your success in the path of self-development.

Our Secret Weapon

I’ve been on a 60-day wellness cleanse and have a secret weapon to share. It is used by many people to help them reflect, account, and keep them on track when goals are set. I’m referring to our very own Achievement Program Journal. It will help you stay consistent with your achievement plan.

Get it HERE for free.

When you embark on the 60-day journey to restore your health, you will get a paperless PDF journal that can be printed out too. I have created this, and I call it the Achievement Program Journal. I offer this paperless or paper journal FOR FREE to everyone. Here’s the latest paperless 60-Day Achievement Program Journal. We are working on a revision and suggest you contact us for the latest link along with links to the other journals that are both paperless and ones that can be printed.

How Does The AP 60-day Journal Work?

One-page AP Statement

The journal begins with brief instructions and then you move onto the one-page Achievement Statement, which is divided into three parts. In the first top section, you jot down your why for doing the program. The middle section is your to-do list. You’ll write down what you plan to do every day for 60 days. In the last bottom section, here’s a place to forecast your transformation after the program is completed.

Just after this page comes a 2-page spread covering the week that’s comprised of 6 days. There will be plenty of room for your comments and actions. As you read the Daily Stoic, you’ll jot down the title of each corresponding day. There will be space for daily thoughts and even a place to jot down your daily diet.

Following this 2-page spread is another 2-page spread called the Moments of Truth. Here you can reflect on the past week and assess how you did. If possible, you can review this section with an accountability buddy to discuss your results. An accountability buddy can help keep you motivated and energized to stay the course.

Then, turn over the page to start the process again. We are in the process of revising the journal to make it 7 days in the first 2-page spread, so stay tuned for the latest rendition that should be ready for the new year 2021.

2-page spread recording the day on the AP

2-page spread: Moments of Truth section which allows for reflection on the AP

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