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Day 6/60: Sharpen Your Philosophy Every Day

Steer Those Sails!

With only one thing to really be responsible for, it shouldn’t be that difficult or confusing? Your mind is the only thing you truly have control of. Knowing this should be the hallmark of your philosophy… how you live your life and the decisions you make on a moment-to-moment basis. You got to steer those sails because only you can nudge your destiny towards the good life and your dreams.

Stoicism Has Quite A History

I stumbled onto Stoicism by accident when I picked up a book by Ryan Holiday called The Daily Stoic. As I read I became an instant fan. It resonated with me and makes life more simple in such a complex world we live in.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Stoicism

If you’re new to Stoicism, it’s best you get acquainted because it’s here to stay and woven in the fabric of mature thinking. That’s if you want to move away from protective emotions that will send you down a dead-end in life.

In Stoicism 5.0: The unlikely 21st-century reboot of an ancient philosophy, Matthew Sharpe, Associate Professor in Philosophy at Deakin University proclaims you should strive to keep calm and get your stoic on. This is from The Conversation, an academic resource that goes into pretty good detail for those that want to know more.

The Obstacle Is The Way

You can get your best overview HERE on stoicism, and this is where I got my pendant “The Obstacle Is The Way” (see the main photo). The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way. Learn more and sharpen your philosophy every day. You’ll need to deal with all the craziness out there in the world today.

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