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Day 9/60: Guiding the Cleanse with Ayurvedic Principles

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda Is one of the oldest healing science coming from India. In Sanskrit, Ayurveda means “The Science of Life.” Dating back over 5,000 years is often called the “Mother of Healing” and prevention is at its foundation.

On Ask Dr. Sheila from the Chopra website, you can learn more about this ancient healing system. Dr. Sheila Patel, MD is CMO for Chopra Global and a board-certified family physician who is passionate about bringing holistic healing practices into the Western medical system.

Why Haven’t I Heard of This?

With special interests in running and programming your life, it’s not surprising you haven’t heard of Ayurveda. When you stack Ayurvedic Medicine vs. Allopathic Medicine it’s like comparing apples to oranges. Allopathic is more like emergency medical treatment and Ayurvedic is holistic and preventative in nature.

In the USA, allopathic predominates and they have aggressive marketers at every turn. Just look at all the advertisements… There’s little in the way of holistic and prevention… drugs and surgery never is a good idea unless it’s your last resort.

Ayurvedic Dictates Living a Mindful and Healthy Lifestyle

They have rules for just about everything, and most of it follows nature and common sense. Here are 10 rules for an Ayurvedic diet:

  1. Select foods for your body type
  2. Eliminate snacks
  3. Eat until satisfied, not full
  4. Consume whole, fresh foods
  5. Use all your taste buds at a meal
  6. Reduce ice-cold foods and beverages
  7. Eliminate distractions while eating
  8. Stop eating 2 hours before bedtime
  9. Favor herbal teas between meals
  10. Eat your largest meal at lunchtime

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