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Green Smoothies To The Max!

Rev Up Your Blenders… Vroom

Green Smoothies
Wow – what do we have here?

Green smoothies have really come into their own. And there’s nothing wrong with old school either. Old school reminds me of simple. Just grab a handful of greens (choice greens could be mint, celery, arugula, chard, kale, parsley, and spinach) add some fruit to sweeten, and toss it into a high-speed blender with some added water. How much greens and how much fruit? That will depend on how bitter your greens, how sweet your fruit is, and and how you want your green smoothie to taste. I suggest a blend of 65% greens to 35% fruit. After you blend up your concoction, just add more of what you want. If it’s too bitter; add more fruit, and if it’s too sweet; add more greens.

Today, smoothies take on a whole new look and folks are explaining the science too. Take for example Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s ultimate micronutrient smoothie. The science behind all that gulping is downright prodigious. Get ready for nutrition class when you watch Dr. Patrick in action. Amazing science! I believe the more you learn about nutrition the more you’ll add healthier meals to your diet.

Featuring the Hydrolyzed Collagen Smoothie

Pictured above with numbers from 1 to 9 is a typical smoothie I may make on any given occasion. Like Today!

The greens I rotate each day, and today it’s collard greens. If you want to know my absolute favorite green, it’s spearmint. When you purchase “mint” in the market, spearmint is what you’ll usually get. Rotating my greens is a little known secret that makes total sense to me. The bitterness in greens are the inherent toxicity factors in greens that works in nature as a protective mechanism to keep bugs and critters from eating them. Now we ingest the greens and absorb that same toxicity. There’s no real danger unless you load up on the same green weeks or months on end. I suggest to just rotate your greens to reduce the toxic load from one particular green.

Well, what are you waiting for?

This post is meant to inspire you to take action. How about considering a green smoothie to start off your day. If you’re new to green smoothies then most likely your missing a high-speed blender from your kitchen appliance list. If you don’t have a high-speed blender, then get one. They’re way more important than the tires on your car… for sure. Beg borrow but don’t steal to get one. I don’t want anyone going to jail for stealing a blender. If your budget is a little loose, then get either a Vitamix or a Blendtec. I really enjoy getting the pro models where you can dial in a function for the blender to carry out. Like making soup or making a smoothie. Programs can be a nice convenience and recommended. If you’re on a super tight budget, there are some excellent models to choose from. Try on the Nutribullet 1200W Full Size Blender for 100 bucks, or how about the Blender Professional Countertop Blender, 2200W High Speed Smoothie Blender/Mixer by Bateerun that’s an Amazon choice for under 90 buckaroos.

Details For the Hydrolyzed Collagen Smoothie

Now that you have your blender, you’re ready to move forward. Bear in mind, that the smoothie can be made without any of the added superfoods and the collagen powder. Assuming you have everything, here are some details.

Let’s look at the amounts we are using and background on each ingredient:

  • We’re placing the entire bunch of collard greens. (#8)
  • Collagen powder container already has a scooper inside, and we are putting in one scoop. (#7)
  • The entire contents of the the coconut yogurt. (#4)
  • Blueberries… I’d go with a couple of handfuls, but you can add more or less depending how sweet you want the smoothie. (#6)
  • Goji Berries… I’d go with a handful, and add more if you want more sweetness. (#5)
  • Gelatinized Maca Powder – one heaping teaspoon. (#3) I recommend finding the gelatinized form of maca.
  • Cacao Powder – one heaping teaspoon. (#2)
  • Hemp Seeds – one heaping teaspoon. (#1)
  • Chia seeds to mix in after the smoothie is made. (#9) If you let the smoothie sit for a while, the chia seeds will swell up and provide a nice texture to the smoothie.

A Full-Feature film on Green Smoothies

Here’s a great health challenge: Don’t change anything about your diet. Just add a green smoothie everyday for 30 days.

Who better to stage a full-feature film on green smoothies than Sergei Boutenko from the Raw Family.

I’ve watched Sergei Boutenko grow up and I applaud his passion here. He was the young boy years ago that travelled from Russia with his family to the United States and found himself very sick eating the SAD (standard American diet). The family was told he had juvenile diabetes and needed medication to control it. Actually, the entire family got very sick and his mother had a plan. She would cover up the stove and the entire family went raw. They only ate raw foods and their story is quite amazing and inspiring.

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