How High Can You Soar?


David Allan

Dr. David Allan, D.C., C.R is CEO and founder and creator of Rocketship Wellness and the Rocketship Wellness Academy. For nearly 40 years, Dr. Allan has helped thousands with their health, and is a recognized global leader and expert in general wellness and lifestyle, nutrition, mind training, bodywork and movement education. He invites you to take a Rocketship Wellness journey with him and his team to see how high your health can soar.

How May I Help You?

Your body is always healing and striving for balance, but interference from excessive stress, repetitive strains, and unconscious negative habits will take their toll. Taking care of yourself is your #1 priority, and the goal is always to feel your best. Wherever you are on your wellness journey… We can help!

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We make couples better! Learn couples massage online, in the office, or the privacy of your own home.


Learn wellness fundamentals and more right here… And also online at the Rocketship Wellness Academy. We provide life skills education you will not find in traditional classrooms.

Our approach is unique…  First learn it, and then integrate it immediately with our proprietary  Achievementship Wellness Program. Dream, Believe, Take Action, and Achieve!

Online wellness education is the focus at the Rocketship Wellness Academy. Take a course -- Feel better!