Temporary Office Procedures

Office Protocol for COVID19

  1. All patients… Fill out the form below before each visit.
  2. Only one patient allowed to to come the office unless other arrangements are made.
  3. All counters and surface areas are cleaned before you come in.
  4. When you enter, we will measure your temperature.
  5. We will have a sanitized plastic bin to store your clothes and shoes.
  6. Everyone gets a new sheet, new towel and a new headrest cover.
  7. Dr. Allan will be wearing a mask.

Please Fill Out This Form & Submit

If you cannot answer these questions with "correct", you will not be able to visit the office. During this critical time in our society, we need to validate your health status each time you visit the office. We will keep your record on file, and if you have any questions or suggestions where we can do better, please let us know. 

Yes, we have a new flu, and this will not be going away anytime soon. All you can do is stay as safe as possible and understand that this is just the flu. Morbidity rates are higher for those with compromised health issues and depressed immunity. Keep in mind that only 1 to 3% of people that get the flu including COVID-19 will die. There will always be more individuals that die in car accidents and from heart disease each year then will die from the flu. 

Your best offense is a great defense. Chiropractic treatments will bolster your defense, and that is why we are keeping our doors open. We are essential and help build immunity against disease and help alleviate pain and discomfort from a variety of sources. It is always a good time to give yourself a tune up... Especially now with all the stress that is disrupting our lives.