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David Allan Wellness Philosophy

How High Can You Soar?

What’s the difference between you and world-class athletes worth millions of dollars?

These athletes may get treatments several times a day and keep their bodies in peak physical and mental condition. Their world-class mindset trains tirelessly to perfect themselves to be their absolute best.

There’s no difference between you and anyone else – Everybody Counts! YOU COME FIRST and there’s a world-class athlete inside each one of us.

There’s an ancient Hindu word called
Genshi that means “Never treat another person in a manner that would make them feel small – including yourself.”

The sky’s the limit, and you can either take responsibility to soar your health and wellness, or make excuses to knock yourself out of the game.

What Is David Allan Wellness?

David Allan Wellness is our company dedicated to helping you feel better by providing treatments and online education at our very own David Allan Wellness Academy.

- david allan Wellness Consists of -

The Rocketship Mind™ represents the conscious and unconscious controlling center of the body that originates in the brain, creates our reality, and steers us to where we go in life.

Rocketship Body  houses our mind and is the vehicle we live in to create & explore life. Here we will learn how to re-educate postural habits and improve our movements. The goal is to work and play with the least amount of strain and effort. We cover most common activities we do with our body like resting, sleeping, sitting, standing and others.  We also can provide conservative treatment methods using chiropractic and soft tissue therapies such as Shiatsu, reflexology, structural integration and more. 

Rocketship Nutrition  is the fuel that supplies energy and brings life to our mind and body. We’ll provide education on the essentials for being healthy including food and supplements, water, sunlight, therapeutic touch, sleep and rest, and love. 

When we think about what our body requires to live optimally, there are several things to consider. Most are obvious, but some are elusive, but attention to details in several aspects can make a huge difference in the quality of your life.


Today Is Your Day

It’s time to make an honest assessment of your health. As wellness has no ceiling on improvement, don’t settle for average… SOAR TO YOUR POTENTIAL. Why not? Isn’t health your most important resource? Here’s good news .. You have much more control of your health than you think. Take responsibility for your health, and see your Rocketship regain the right trajectory towards balance, health and happiness. Today equals a new day, and we are here to help you soar to your potential.

10 Principles For A World-Class Mindset
Remember... That's YOU!

Habits & Discipline

What’s most fascinating about the mind is how it services us without our attention, and how it works with the brain. Through our awareness, our mind teaches us a task, and when the task is learned our brain remembers what to do. Remember when first learning to ride a bike or tying  your shoelaces into a bow? At first it’s new and we don’t know how and what to do. After we learn the brain takes over, and all learned movements become unconscious.

The mind and the brain is the storage center of everything that’s ever happened in our lifetime… both positive and negative. This is important to appreciate as Rocketship Wellness focuses on how the mind directly controls and influences our health and our own wellness. “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves. Buddha said “To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s own mind. ”

Innate Intelligence

You have the power to age with grace, and we provide the road map along with teamwork . That power is the healing and restorative force that exists within us all. All we want to do is remove the interference that is blocking the body’s ability to heal itself. How? We encompass natural strategies to help you live longer, feel great and look your best.

The Mind Controls Your Life

All components of Rocketship Wellness are essential, but there’s one part that is most important, and that is our reasoned choice and what’s within our control. We embrace Stoic Philosophy, because it describes in detail what’s within our control and what is not.

The conscious mind is within our realm of awareness and completely within our control… right?
Well, yes and know. As creatures of habit, negative behaviors keep a secure grip on us and can be tough to shake.

Mind over Matter & Your Health

“What you think about – you bring about” is not far from the truth, and the mind has willed the body to do miraculous healing. We believe that the mind is the most important role in healing, and we will share personal development tools that will unleash the power of the mind to help you live to your peak potential.

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of specific results. Results can vary. All material provided on and the David Allan Wellness Academy website are provided for informational or educational purposes only. Consult with your doctor regarding the applicability of any opinions by Dr. David Allan and his affiliates or recommendations with respect to your health or medical condition. Feel free to contact Dr. Allan to discuss or troubleshoot any health complaints at any time.