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Prevent Injuries, Improve Posture, Elevate Playing Skills & Stay Healthy
The Finest Program To Help Musicians Relieve Pain,
And Prevent Career-Ending Injuries

Don't Let Pain Interfere
with Playing Your Music

Your Music Is Your
Livelihood & Your Passion

Without a way to keep your hands and body free from pain and discomfort, you risk impairing or losing your ability to play. How much attention do you place on HOW YOU PLAY?

What mental and physical conditioning do you consciously employ to play with the most authority and power and with the least amount of effort?

Could your performance be better if you sit and stand with less effort?

Could your fingers move faster and easier if your hands were better conditioned?

Your Repetitive Habits

Playing Effortlessly With
the Confidence Of Preventing
Repetitive Stress Injuries

Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) is the well-known culprit of the musician. You do repetitive movements that will lead to injury and pain. Imagine acquiring the mindset of an elite athlete because that’s what you really are. Now imagine harnessing the knowledge of this course to train and condition yourself to keep your body and hands in peak condition, and far away from pain and discomfort.

Better Health = Better Performance

Best Exercise Program
For The Musician

Learn the causes of pain, proper posture and movements to avoid and reduce pain, and learn exercises to strengthen your fingers so you play faster with better tone and command of your instrument.

What makes the Best
Exercise Program for the Musician Different?

We teach fundamentals & fOUNDATIONAL EXERCISES

 We go beyond teaching an exercise routine for the musician. We help you examine the movements and postures you do on a daily basis and help you bring consciousness to these activities. Sure, we have exercises for you but what’s most important is the movement education you will learn so you can be in control of your health and wellness.

We Teach You HOW TO PLAY

No matter what you play, we direct your attention and consciousness to HOW YOU PLAY. The elusive obvious is the day-to-day stressors of repetitive movement patterns that occur thousands of times when you play and perform. You will learn our proprietary postural-movement education system called Bobblology that will transform your life and career. You will re-learn habits to counterbalance all of the strain from playing and avoid pain and suffering and career-ending injuries.


It’s our very own posture-movement educational method that synthesizes the best movement educational systems including Embodiment, Alexander, and Feldenkrais.

We Have A Built-In ACCOUNTABILITY System

Our program not only teaches you but has a 60-Day Achievement Journal that helps you track and schedule your new habits.

We’ve Have Our Own POSTURE-MOVEMENT Method

 We go beyond teaching an exercise routine for the musician. We help you examine the movements and postures you do on a daily basis and help you bring consciousness to these activities. Sure, we have exercises for you but what’s most important is the movement education you will learn so you can be in control of your health and wellness.

We Have the Finger Fitness Expert

Greg Irwin has joined forces to bring you the best conditioning exercises for the hands. Greg is the world’s leading expert on hand movements and conditioning. Wait until you see what this man can do… AMAZING!

60-Minute 1-on-1 Private Video Call with Dr. Allan ($200 Value)

Everyone in the program will be able to schedule, at their convenience, a one-to-one video chat with Dr. David Allan to troubleshoot any topic in the program or any health concern or issue you may have. Your success is our goal.

  • Condition your hands and avoid hand, wrist, and arm injuries facing most musicians today.

  • Play your instrument with less effort and more power.

  • Acquire a new posture paradigm that helps erase pain and injuries from your life and career.

  • Learn mind techniques to enhance your playing and performance.

  • Learn the best exercises to condition yourself like an athlete.

  • Learn how to achieve better habits and make them stick. 
1: Welcome to the course!

We'll start with an opening message to warm up the room and get you ready for a high-flying course that will include a trip to planet transformation. This course is more than a set of exercises and will include new habits for playing and practicing that will move you to more balance, better playing, and better health. This section will feature housekeeping items for the course, the history of how we got started, a posture assessment and quiz, and a discussion of the importance of movement education.

2: Program Foundation Part 1

In module 2, we'll introduce our posture-movement methodology. This will create a paradigm shift in strategy for all of your postures, movements, and activities. It's a huge step getting a foundation that will nourish you life. Most unconscious and repetitive actions lead to rapid decay affecting your ability to be a healthy musician. If you don't have your health, then the quality of life goes down the tube.  We will also have fun with our posture rap song. Why, doesn't every method have a rap song? See, we know when you have fun, the learning is easier and teaching is more effective.

3: Program Foundation Part II

In module 3, you will learn fundamentals of posture-movement education from my mentor Dr. R. Grant Ramey of Embodiment. This was the source of my education back in 1982. You will see videos of his movement principles and we will make them applicable in your playing and in everyday life. 

4: Foundational Exercises Part I

In module 4, we will learn simple yet profound postural-movement exercises created by Dr. R. Grant Ramey of Embodiment. We will cover 5 exercises including Pelvic Rock 'n' Roll, Soar Like an Eagle, Bow and Arrow, Blowing in the Wind, and On and Off the Chair.

5: Foundational Exercises Part II

In module 5, you will learn more postural-movement exercises. Here we will cover our awareness to standing and what we can do in this activity to make it as relaxed and powerful as possible. It's with these type of exercises that we can learn how to bring more awareness to our playing and practicing activities and have the same success. 

6: Hand Care & Conditioning Exercises

This is how we spell fun: MODULE SIX! But, more than fun you will be dazzled by Greg Irwin, the finger fitness guru and how he moves his fingers with ease and with expert coordination. The significance of knowing, learning and committing to these exercises is massive. Your hands are the lifeblood of your playing, and conditioning them is your best insurance for a healthy career and maximizing your playing abilities.

7: Introduction To Hypnotherapy

Module 7 will introduce you to hypnotherapy and the power of self-hypnosis. The Best Exercise program must include the unlimited power of the mind. We all possess subconscious thoughts that can negatively affect our learning and our playing. With this module, you'll learn some simple exercises where all you have to do is listen and you'll experience the benefits. We will use another expert, Gale Glassner Twersky, ACH, an award-winning author on self-hypnosis, to guide and help you reprogram negative subconscious thoughts to take your musicianship to the next level.  

8: Implementing our Posture-Movement Method

Module 8 will cover our unique posture-movement educational method. Our method is called Bobblology, and you will learn how to employ the simplest, cost-effective exercise program on the planet. You will learn how to set time aside in your day to Bobble. That's right... no equipment to buy, nor do you have to change your outfit. And best of all it can take as little as 60 seconds and your done. 

9: Foam Roller Exercises

In module 9, we'll take a look and practice along with a foam roller playlist I've created just for you. Props like the foam roller are inexpensive and an effective way to move and loosen up your body. You will learn a great sequence of foam roller exercises to have and use in your weekly exercise routine.

10: Swiss Ball Exercises

In module 10, you will learn how to effectively use the Swiss ball, aka exercise ball, yoga ball, etc. The Swiss ball is another inexpensive prop that is an effective tool for getting the body moving. It's also a fantastic way to build strength and stamina, increase flexibility, and improve your balance. We'll introduce a Swiss ball playlist that can fit into any weekly exercise regime. 

11: Yoga Exercises for Everybody

In module 11 we'll introduce a unique way to do yoga. We'll do it with the help of our foam roller. Yoga for everybody is the key. When you can modify an exercise method like yoga, you can find a way to use it no matter what your limitations are. If the yoga exercises with the foam roller are too vigorous for you, we'll show you a way to do great yoga-like moves right in our chair. 

12: Completing the Course

If you've reached module 12, then you're super close to completing the course. In order to finish and get your certificate, you just have to complete the one-page achievement statement that will give you a roadmap to your future schedule. You will also receive access to the Achievement Program course where you can download the daily journal to be used in the 60-day Achievement Program ($97 value). 

BONUS: Video Conference 1-ON-1 With Dr. David Allan

As part of the program, everyone in the course will have the opportunity to go schedule a 50-minute zoom meeting and go one-on-one with the course creator, Dr. David Allan. Here is a chance to discuss or review anything in and out of the course. This is your time to be scheduled at your convenience. This can occur anytime during your 365 day access to the program. 

Keep your body and hands in peak condition with the BEST EXERCISE PROGRAM FOR THE MUSICIAN.

One-Time Payment

$ 297 One-time payment & Save
price will go up after 4/1/21

3 months x $107

$ 321 spread payments over 3 months
price will go up after 4/1/21

The course opens on April 1, 2021. This is the pre-order pricing and the price will increase after4/1/21.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We want to make sure your experience is a positive one. If you’re not satisfied with our program during the first 30 days from purchase, we’ll refund your money – No questions asked! If you pre-order the program, you’ll have until 5/1/21 to cancel enrollment and ask for a refund.

Meet Your Instructors

Dr. David Allan, CEO
David Allan Wellness Academy

35+ years helping patients and musician feel their best.

Dr. David Allan is the course creator and CEO of David Allan Wellness and the David Allan Wellness Academy. He is internationally known as a wellness expert, educator, holistic mind-body doctor, and musician for more than 35 years.

He brings so many years of healing experience helping thousands of patients and musicians and he’s ready to share his knowledge to help you. 

His goal is to reach millions and educate his musician brothers and sisters from around the world. With a focus on posture-movement education, he will set you on a course to erase habits that can cause career-ending injuries.

Dr. Allan’s unique background is ideal to help musicians, music educators and music students keep up with wellness essentials and fundamentals, which will improve playing and performance, but more importantly help reduce the chance of musculoskeletal problems and nerve damage.

Greg Irwin, CEO of
Finger Fitness Expert

35+ years helping hands feel better.

Hello, I’m Greg Irwin. Over the past 40 years since the conception of Finger Fitness, I am constantly asked just what is Finger Fitness and why should I do it?

Perhaps Walt Whitman put it best. “The hand is the most beautifully complex and powerful machine not invented by man”. It made sense to me that the better condition a machine or tool (i.e. the hand) is in, the better and longer it will perform its task. As a musician, this need for improving the overall condition of the hand was what got me started exercising my fingers and eventually developed into the Finger Fitness program.

Now I bring my conditioning program to the Best Exercise Program for the Musician. I’m glad to be part of Dr. Allan’s program and can’t wait to show you some of my favorite hand exercises for the musician that will help you play music better and reduce the chances of repetitive stress injuries to the hands..

Why Do I need this program?

Musicians are notorious for working with the pre-existing habits that usually lead them to pain, dysfunction, and career-ending injuries, or at minimal, their potential will never be realized. To stay healthy takes work, responsibility, and know-how. This course will set you on a healthy path to transform your life and career.

Why Now is the time?

This course is here for only a limited time. You’ve taken care of everything else in your career, and now it’s time to take care of yourself. Your music abilities means nothing without your health.

frequently asked questions

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Everything may be fine RIGHT NOW but, rest assured, you will not likely escape injuries to your hands and body that most musicians experience at some point. The good news is that you can learn the techniques and tools you need to AVOID these injuries.

You make time for what’s important don’t you? Health and wellness fundamentals are as essential as notes and chords are to every musician. This course is go-at-your-pace. You have a full year of access to this course to get it done, so don’t procrastinate one day longer.

This is not an exercise program, but a new paradigm and lifestyle system to help you prevent injuries and play with less effort and more power. It will help save your career and enhance every part of your life. If you firmly believe that health comes before everything, then this program is for you!

The creators of this program have a combined 75+ years of experience, so you know you’re attending a time-tested program. In addition, you can get a full refund if you are not satisfied for any reason.

With 75+ years of experience between the course creators, we understand what a musician needs and what is available in the marketplace. There’s no course that provides a cutting edge posture-movement paradigm along with all the features in our program. And it’s created by a musician-doctor that can provide healthcare support to all of your health questions. It’s the best for sure, and if you’re not satisfied, we have a money back guarantee. 

We have a copy of one of the modules below. This should give you an idea of what’s in the program. 

You have all the information you need, and now it’s time to take action. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and let’s get started.  

Kind Words From Musicians and Educators

I’m a professional musician and a senior faculty member at in Hollywood, CA, and have known Dr. Allan for over 40 years. It’s great to see him bring his Musicianship Wellness programs to the global online community and wish him the best and the success he deserves. I endorse his wellness education for all music students to give them a better chance of reaching their true potential as a musician.

Al Bonhomme, Instructor

Musicians Institute

I want to thank Dr. Allan for his presentations on Musicianship Wellness at our school. As Chief Academic Officer for the Musicians Institute, I understand the importance of wellness and the foundation of wellness education for all music students.

Dr. Rachel Yoon, Ph.D.

CAO at Musicians Institute

Dr. Allan is one of the most phenomenally talented chiropractors & educators I have ever known. I should know since I've written my dissertation on musicians' medical injuries). Musicians - take heed. As a professional musician himself, he has a special sensitivity and understanding in this area. I recommend David with all my heart. He is a beautiful and wonderful gift to this world!

Dr. Ann Rardin, Ph.D.

Music Program Specialist at the
The Harmony Project

"Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” - Confucius
Imagine what a career you can have
If you lived health to your potential? Sign up today!

Take control of your life and your musical career with the BEST EXERCISE PROGRAM FOR THE MUSICIAN.

One-Time Payment

$ 297 One-time payment & Save
price will go up after 4/1/21

3 months x $107

$ 321 spread payments over 3 months
price will go up after 4/1/21

Commit To Healthy Living & Wellness

Dr. David Allan has helped so many people with his commitment to healthy living and wellness. 

Being a musician himself he totally understands the physical strains of repeated motions and positions. I am so fortunate to say that he has helped me immensely with my lower back, wrist, elbow, and neck pains. 

Being an upright bassist I am on my feet for long performances. Dr. Allan got to the core of my discomfort.

I’ve attended his programs in the past. Do yourself a favor and join Dr. David Allan’s Wellness course and method. Your life depends on it. 

Thank you, Dr. Allan!

Edward Resto, M.A., Musician

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Here's a partial video playlist of Module 9: Foam Roller Exercises

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Learn more about Greg Irwin - The Finger Fitness Expert

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