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Day 30/60: Harness The Power of Momentum

30 days! Can you believe it? It gives me immense pleasure to write that I have completed 30 days of my 60-day wellness achievement program. Whoa! It is halfway through my cleanse. A month of healing myself! I have been going live on Facebook to keep everyone along with me on this journey. You can

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Day 14/60: What is the most important component of your diet?

My sixty-day cleanse Every day I’m posting a Facebook live video to show my commitment to my 60-day program and to help inspire others that can use some healing in their life. That healing could be anything that is affecting the quality of your life, or a pending health issue that you don’t want to

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Day 13/60: The Benefits of Fermented Veggies

Simple, Healthy and Probiotic-Rich! As described in a great post in DIYNatural, Fermented Vegetables: Simple and Probiotic-Rich, the benefits of fermented veggies are off the charts. They’re low in calories (sure eat as much as you like), tasty, good for you, rich in probiotics that will help maintain a healthy gut. Veggies are low on

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