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Dr. Dave,

I have tears reading your email. You are such an amazing doctor and human. You took so much time with us at the office and now the amount of time you put into all the follow up information is amazing. I can feel your love for what you do in every ounce of your being. I hope that all the blessings that you give to others comes back to you ten fold. I will read all you sent me. Please know how appreciated you are.
Namaste with love and gratitude...

Cindy Swenson

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Dr. Pamela Maloney, L.Ac., PhD.
Dr. Pamela Maloney, L.Ac., PhD.Clinic Supervisor at Dongguk University
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David is a wonderful professional Doctor who is entrepreneurial and innovative.
Brian Buchiarelli
Brian BuchiarelliTherapist
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David is a great humanitarian who cares deeply for many causes and people. He always works with compassion and his integrity is solid. David is a caring and dedicated healer. His compassion is obvious and his enthusiasm is catching. I highly recommend his services.
Dafi Shanti, LMFT
Dafi Shanti, LMFTClinical Psychologist
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My family and myself used Dr. David Allan's services for many years. He integrates many different techniques while working on the body with amazing results. Give it a try and you would love it!
Ampomah "Ampy" Koranteng
Ampomah "Ampy" KorantengActor, SAG
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I have known David Allan for nearly 30 years up close and personal. We have a wonderful client, Student and friend relationship. We've seen each other through the hard times as well as the gravy era. A man with integrity.
Emma Sharp, L.Ac.
Emma Sharp, L.Ac.Acupuncturist, Master’s in TCM
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Dr David provides a unique combination of deep tissue massage work and chiropractic. A great way for relieving pain and reeducating the body out of the pain spiral. I would highly recommend his work.
Elaine Lew, Owner
Elaine Lew, OwnerZen Management Group
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David is an ethical professional with excellent skills and teaching ability. I was part of a private group class at his office, and I learned so much... Thank you David!
Greg Krentzman
Greg KrentzmanEconomic and Workforce Development at LACCD
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Daivid Allan Rocks! He fixed me up in a hurry... and the best news is I did not need to go back! Thank you, David.
Dawn Marie Larkin, Owner
Dawn Marie Larkin, OwnerOff-Air Media Planning/Marketing
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David is an amazing Doctor, he has fixed me so many times after other Doctors wanted to do surgery. I go to David and a few treatments I'm brand new.
Laura Glasner, Owner
Laura Glasner, OwnerEnergy Unlimited Fitness
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Superior! I have trusted Dr. David Allan with all of my clients as well as my family. He is an unparalleled professional -- treating patients deftly with compassion, knowledge, curiosity and technique.
Ilona Malygin, LMT
Ilona Malygin, LMTLicensed Massage Therapist
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Dr.David Allan is not only a great doctor, but also an experienced healer and amazing person!
Elham Torbati, R.P.T.
Elham Torbati, R.P.T.Licensed Physical Therapist
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David is a very knowledgeable enthusiastic and caring chiropractor. His hands on skills are extraordinary and effective. He treats his patients with care and respect. Thanks David
Ben Schneider
Ben SchneiderNavy Officier
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I have come in here having problems, then come out better than new -- Problems with my wrists, back, shoulders, and legs. I'm a naval cadet, and an athlete. He is very good and the best at what he does.
Meredith Kramer, L.M.T.
Meredith Kramer, L.M.T.Licensed Massage Therapist, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher
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Phenomenal service! David Allan has a different point of view than most healers and doctors. I'm proud to be his patient and know that I am in good hands!
Avi Amar
Avi AmarHair Stylist
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David is a great healer and cares a lot about his patients. He takes all the time that is necessary to make sure you get the best personal treatment. I highly recommend him.
Christina Grace, LMT, Owner
Christina Grace, LMT, OwnerChristina Grace Bodywork
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Dr. Allan is one of my most influential teachers. He's a pioneer in the field of reflexology and bodywork, continues to educate himself, shares this information with others and is a very gifted Chiropractor.
Sheldon Small, Owner
Sheldon Small, OwnerMultiple Photos
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I've known David for some 40 odd years and we have a very strong and binding friendship. He is extremely reliable and trustworthy and you can always count on Dr. David. He's a great friend for many years and he provides incredible and wonderful services for his chiropractor work and everything else in his life. I strongly recommend him!!!
Elaine Fischel, Esq.
Elaine Fischel, Esq.Attorney, retired
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David Allan is the best chiropractor ever. I have known him for 30 years and am constantly amazed at the innovations he brings to his practice. His skills are extraordinary but he does not rest on his laurels. He is always seeking new ways to enhance the healing he brings to his work. I know a good doctor when I see one and David is outstanding in every way. A session with him never fails to make me feel better and he takes a personal interest in his patients. I am lucky I know him and can receive the benefit of his excellent skills. Footnote: Elaine passed away in 2017, and I treated her until she was 95 years young. RIP Elaine!
Sally Nicholson, C.R.
Sally Nicholson, C.R.Certified Reflexologist
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I recently took a course on Auriculotherapy with Dr. David Allan, a unique and informed professional. I found his course most rewarding partly because David's inquisitive mind has led him to acquire enormous knowledge on so many diverse but very much related subjects. He is not afraid to approach the healing arts in new ways as well as sharing his resources and information giving us new tools for our work. Thank you!
Barbara Barnett, Sales
Barbara Barnett, SalesTaylor Insurance and Financial Services
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What can one say about Dr. David Allan... He has saved me numerous times from body parts going SOUTH. Sciatic and can't walk for weeks, he took his time until my body was back and I could walk. As a pharmaceutical representative I had no choice. Dropped something on my hand and could not use my hand, he worked from the shoulder and my whole arm and hand. Backaches, headaches, and foot problems. No one knows his trade like Dr. Allan, and I should know as a trained massage therapist who learned some of his incredible techniques.
Dr. Glenn Williams, D.C., L.Ac
Dr. Glenn Williams, D.C., L.AcChiropractic and Acupuncture Practitioner
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Dr. David Allan combines the best of deep tissue and massage with his chiropractic techniques. He will remove your pain from virtually anywhere in your body. If you like having your feet worked on there is no one better than Dr. Allan. He is internationally renowned and has taught many courses on his techniques to practitioners around the world. 5 stars for Dr. David.
Kenneth Cloke, Mediator/Arbitrator
Kenneth Cloke, Mediator/ArbitratorCenter for Dispute Resolution
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David Allan is a genius, his hands are magical, and he is amazing at finding and unlocking pain at its source. He has done this repeatedly for me, and keeps getting better all the time.