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The Lockdown Lowdown: Another Viewpoint

Wow, Some Crazy Year?

You can lockdown society, but you can’t lock down the virus.

Wow, some crazy year… Seems like everyone you talk to feels this expression… whether they say it or not. Then you have divisions everywhere on what to do. Sure we have a virus. Why should that surprise anyone… but to lockdown again?

Joe Biden’s Corona Virus Task Force is suggesting something very drastic… A total 6-week national shut down. How many punches in the face do we need to take from the COVID CULT? “Covid Cult” was the headline in a recent presentation by Thomas E. Woods, Jr. and it’s great to get another side of the story. Lockdowns don’t work, and we don’t have to look far to find a path of destruction in its wake. Lockdowns don’t work because the virus will do what it needs to do and run its course. There is zero precedent when it comes to a lockdown and this big experiment needs to end.

Tom Woods delivers a speech with compelling news contrary to what the government and media tell us.

Another Viewpoint

I was shocked to see this above video on YouTube, since YouTube is shutting down any speech that is contrary to the policies of the United States. If you don’t see this video up, then you know why, and I’ll post it from another source.

The Virus In Perspective

What most don’t seem to understand, it’s not us against the virus. That’s impossible. The virus allows us to live and is the fabric of our existence. It’s part of the microbiome. Dr. Zach Bush, MD raises many questions about the global choices we make that don’t consider the true nature of how life exists.

Dr. Zach Bush, MD gives us a candid look at COVID19 and the ramifications of fighting the virus.

Who Should We Believe?

I’ll put my money on a few smart doctors in this interview. It’s time to fully open up the economy. Folks have suffered long enough.

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya is a Stanford physician and economist and co-author of several seroprevalence studies on COVID-19. In this must-watch interview we talk about EVERYTHING. Including the true infection fatality rate, comparisons to influenza, the drama around his Santa Clara antibody trial, reinfections, vaccine development, economic and social impacts, why we MUST reopen schools NOW, the horrors of censorship of scientists and opposing dialog, how Stanford is contributing to the problem of stifling dissenting opinions, Dr. Scott Atlas and his advisory role to the president, empathy vs. compassion with regards to COVID, and MUCH MORE. This is a really smart and thoughtful scientist who has been too-often maligned and mischaracterized by the media.

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