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  • Missing out on fun because you feel tired and lack energy?
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  • Frustrated by pains that suddenly appear for no apparent reason?
  • Tired of taking pills that just mask your pain?
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I came for healing and stayed for continuous improvement.

Dr. David Allan is a skilled healer, a health expert, and a teacher able
to relieve pain and lead the way to a healthier life.

I am grateful to him for helping me cope with the damage of two auto accidents, and the relief of pains that had limited my activities for many years.

I credit his skills and guidance for the ability I now have to walk
pain-free for miles at a time.

On a scale of 1 to 10, he is clearly an 11!

Joel Sender

Principal Consultant

Your Roadmap to Optimal Health

Say Goodbye to Pain - Your life is disrupted when you don’t feel well and live with pain. It’s especially frustrating when doctors misdiagnose you or only treat your symptoms. We understand. You want to feel vibrant, energetic, and pain-free, without drugs! For 40+ years, thousands of people have turned to Dr. Allan to help them restore their health and live pain-free naturally. Wherever you are on your wellness journey, Dr. Allan can help you achieve your goals!
Empower with wellness principles of posture-movement education, lifestyle, and nutrition.
Cutting edge mind-body treatments that relieve pain, targeted at the root cause.
Lifestyle changes and healthier habits lead to vibrant, pain-free living.
Methods that decrease the stress and repetitive strains that interfere with your good health.
Education, classes, and support to regain and maintain optimal health.

Kind Words From The Medical Community

Dr. David Allan is an outstanding chiropractor and bodyworker with extensive training in multiple therapeutic techniques and disciplines. He has a strong foundation, a well-rounded perspective and a true gift for healing. He aims to help his patients live their optimal health and peak potential.

As a physician, I’m very impressed with his expert knowledge of functional human anatomy. He truly understands the mechanics of the human musculoskeletal system. In my treatment he showed me some fun exercises to change postural habits and to relieve my chronic neck pain, stiffness, tension, and stress. I feel I’ve become more aware of my own body posture and movement & highly recommend Dr. Allan.

Michio Abe, MD

Board-Certified Internist

Kind Words From Happy Patients

testimonial image
Dr. David is genuinely interested in making a difference -- for his patients and in the world. I was told by several doctors who are considered experts in their fields that I needed immediate spine surgery. They scared the hell out of me. Someone recommended Dr. David and I was willing to give it a try. That was 20 years ago. I never had the surgery and am doing just fine thanks to Dr. David's knowledge and help.

Ingez Rameau, AuthorSAG - Actor

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I've been seeing Dr. Allan since I was a little girl. My dad was treated by him, and I was lucky enough to have him as well! From helping my feet recover from point shoes when I was 13, to an unexpected emergency call because of a freak accident this year! He always does his best and treats me and my body with the utmost love and respect. Thanks for sharing your gifts with the world. I'm so grateful for Dr. Allan!

Bridgete Avildsen Lifehouse Tonics + Elixirs

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Dr. David Allan has saved me numerous times from body parts going SOUTH. Sciatic and can't walk for weeks, he took his time until my body was back and I could walk. Dropped something on my hand and could not use my hand, he worked from the shoulder and my whole arm and hand and fixed it. I've had Backaches, headaches, and foot problems and got relief. No one knows his trade like Dr. Allan!

Barbara Barnett, SalesTaylor Insurance/Financial Services

A new service at the office


To get healthy and heal yourself, you must first KNOW YOUR HEALTH! With this new technology, you will learn critical information about the health of your feet and how it affects the entire body. In just 5-minutes you will get a score of how balanced your feet are and how much weight & pressure you place on each foot. Since we walk on average over 5,000 steps each day, your body above gets the brunt of all the imbalances starting at your feet. If our technology detects major imbalances, we will have solutions with customized foot and shoe orthotics.

If you scan score is in the moderate to severe category, we will recommend customized foot and/or shoe orthotics. These are created with the data collected from your scan along with any additional accommodations that Dr. Allan recommends. 

All parts of your body are linked together. And your feet are the foundation!

Even though all your body parts are connected and affect one another, your feet are what we at Foot Levelers call, the “foundation”. Your entire body is supported and balanced by your feet. Therefore, if your feet are pronated (as 99% of all people’s feet are), your body will suffer – starting with either the knee, hip, or back. 

When something goes wrong with one of our parts and we experience pain, traditional medical doctors attempt to treat patients using prescriptions or surgery. This, in our opinion, is a very narrow view of solutions and care.


Are your feet healthy? Flat feet, foot pronation, or foot imbalances can lead to foot pain, knee pain, hip pain, back pain, neck pain, and even shoulder pain.

The foot scan will show you how imbalances in the feet can lead to problems in the knees, hips, back and shoulders. The foot scan will show how Functional Orthotics may help. Following a foot scan, a report will provide you a Pronation/Stability Index, a Foot Assessment, and a Body Assessment.

Your Pronation/Stability Index™ score appears on the clinical Report of Findings that is produced when your feet are scanned by our 3D laser technology.

The Pronation/Stability Index™ is a proprietary algorithm based on 16 different measurements of the foot. Taken from a foam cast or laser scan of the feet, the Index indicates the amount of arch collapse your feet are seeing. The higher the number, the more collapse.

The index reveals the severity of pronation/stability in your feet, ranging from Optimal to Severe. An index of 102, for example, is Moderate pronation/instability. Untreated imbalances of any level may lead to chronic problems throughout your body.

Find out how optimal or pronated your feet are!


Every Journey begins with one step.

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