What Do You Do When Facing Abnormal Lab Tests?

When you’re facing adversity, stand and fight for your birthright. To live and appreciate the miracle of life. I found out my PSA test was 6. 

Calling all men; this could be serious because prostate cancer is the number one killer for us. If you are over 50 and your levels are abnormally high, then you must take quick action. Clean up everything you can about your life. That starts with the healthiest diet you can muster, and then you want to get on a good supplement regime. Next you want to get a hearty intake of water, get a good night’s rest, and keep the stress levels low with meditation, visualization, self-hypnosis, exercise, chiropractic and other treatments that keep you feeling your best.

You Better Live Healthy

When I mean a healthy diet, I would suggest tons of organic greens and veggies, fermented veggies, some fruits, beans, raw nuts and seeds, and superfoods like hemp seeds, chia seeds, maca, goji berries, and cacao nibs. Severely limit your intake of sugars, animal products, and dairy. I suggest that you follow me through this AWP 60-day public adventure because I will be posting a lot of meals and giving wellness tips on a variety of subjects.

Get Off To A Great Start With A Great Breakfast!

In the featured photo, I had for breakfast a fresh juice comprised of organic almond milk, vanilla, parsley, and goji berries. The goji berries are what makes the color of the smoothie. In the bowl, I have organic buckwheat groats along with organic raw pistachios and more goji berries. I’m using the goji berries to help add a little sweetness to the meal.

For supplement considerations, I have a general protocol for the entire 60 days. Just click HERE to get to my web page containing the 60-day protocol and others.

The other areas mentioned under healthy living will be discussed in the following days on the program.