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"Health is the soul
that animates all the enjoyments
of life that fade and are tasteless
without it."

- Lucius Annaeus Seneca -

"Your body hears everything your
mind says."

- Naomi Judd –

"Knowing that we can be loved
exactly as we are gives us all the
best opportunity for growing into
the healthiest people."

- Fred Rodgers -

“Balance and
mindfulness is what's
best for your body,
and is key to
healthy living."

- David Allan -
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Dr. David Allan - Chiropractor Los Angeles
With close to four decades as a healthcare professional, Dr. David Allan possesses a unique skill set from the diversity of modalities he’s mastered through the years, along with his experience in teaching and private practice.

Outside the mastery, most importantly, he has a passion for sharing his knowledge and helping people. 
His creative side began early as a professional 2016; Founder and Developer of Musicianship Wellness™, and then later shifted into the health field to create Rocketship Wellness and the Rocketship Wellness Academy. 

With an abundance of  so-called experts on the Internet, who can you trust, and where can you get credible advice on health and wellness? 
This CV is a display of skills, education and experience that demonstrates Dr. Allan as a leader and authority in the health and wellness field. With his Rocketship Wellness Brand and the Rocketship Wellness Academy, Dr. Allan is someone you can trust with your health, and someone to partner with to help achieve your wellness goals.  

  • Movement Educator
  • Professional speaker on health & wellness
  • Reflexology - Practitioner/Trainer
  • Auriculotherapy - Practitioner/Trainer
  • Reflexatsu - Practitioner/Trainer
  • Shiatsu & Barefoot Shiatsu - Practitioner/Trainer
  • Structural Integration - Practitioner/Trainer
  • Nutrition
  • Chiropractic and Physical therapy methods
  • Foot care and casting for custom-made orthotics
  • Kinesio taping
  • Couples coaching
  • Cupping
  • Embodiment

  • 2020 to present; Rocketship Wellness Academy (RWA) is launched with the following company brands: Movementship Wellness - Provides movement education programs focusing on the most common activities and postures including: Resting, sitting, standing, walking, working, and exercising. Couplesship Wellness - Provides couples massage training, and coaching for better leadership and communication. Musicianship Wellness - Providing wellness programs exclusive to musicians, music students and educators. Artistship Wellness - Provides movement awareness training for actors. Massageship Wellness - Provides professional touch education for professional bodyworkers. 
  • 2020 to present; Created the Achievementship Wellness Program. This is a proprietary goal setting and goal achievement program that supports most of the online courses at the RWA. Also, available to other entities and the public. 
  • 2018; Adjunct Faculty at Musicians Institute.
  • 2017; Created Bobblology.
  • 2017 to 2019; Musicianship Wellness presentations at LAUSD and LACC in Los Angeles.
  • 2014; Created Don’t Stand Up Straight - A New Twist on Good Posture.
  • 2012; Created Dr. Allan’s Deep Tissue Toolkit.
  • 2010 to present; Created the brand Rocketship Wellness, along with Rocketship mind, body and nutrition. 
  • 2009; CEO of DAGIIT (Dr. Allan’s Global Institute of Integrated Touch); now under the brand of Massageship Wellness.

  • 2020 to 1982; Over 10,000 hours of education (and continuing) in: Chiropractic, Structural Integration, Shiatsu, Barefoot Shiatsu, Reflexology, Auriculotherapy, Acupressure, Movement Education methods - Embodiment, Feldenkrais Method, and the Alexander Technique, Mind-Body therapies, Hypnotherapy methods, Sound healing, and others.

  • 2018; to present - Independent study with Charles Siemers, BSAAE, Advanced Rolfer.

  •  2016; Independent training with Ethan Kind, MM, ACAT (Alexander Technique).

  • 1999 to 2005; Independent study with Dr. Li-Chun Huang, MD, for auriculotherapy.

  • 1993; Certified in Chiropractic Foot Care (CCFC). 

  • 1993; Independent study with Dr. Arnold Ross, DPM, for Advanced Foot Care and casting foot orthotics.

  • 1992 to present; Board certified with the American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB).

  • 1991 to present; California Chiropractic state license.

  • 1991 to present; 24 hours of CEU required to maintain chiropractic license

  • 1990; Certified by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners California.

  • 1990; Certified by the American Red Cross in Back care.

  • 1985; Certified in Reflexology by the International Institute of Reflexology.

  • 1982 to 1985; Certified Embodiment Teacher training with Dr. R. Grant Ramey of Embodiment.

  • 1982 to 1985; Independent study with Dr. R Grant Ramey, PhD, for Embodiment training and movement education.

  • 1982; Initial training in Reflexology, and then certified by the American Institute of Reflexology.

  • 1982; Founder and Developer of Reflex Reflexology Programs.

  • 1982; Independent study with David Wronski, Advanced Rolfer.

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of specific results. Results can vary. All material provided on DavidAllanWellness.com and the David Allan Wellness Academy website are provided for informational or educational purposes only. Consult with your doctor regarding the applicability of any opinions by Dr. David Allan and his affiliates or recommendations with respect to your health or medical condition. Feel free to contact Dr. Allan to discuss or troubleshoot any health complaints at any time.

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