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David Allan Events

a success plan for your health

welcome all who seek better health

No matter what needs to get better, we have a success plan for your health. We are here to help and will do everything in our power to lead you in the right direction. Getting better means adopting new habits to replace old habits that are not serving your best interests. Since almost losing my life in March 2020, I understand what it takes to make life better and I’m here to be your guide. The 60DAP is your success plan for your health READ MORE.

David Allan Events are events created and hosted by Dr. David Allan. For now, we are staging the 60DAP live stream podcasts but soon we will present our proprietary exercise program with moving sticks.

The 60DAP Livestream Podcast is a support and educational forum for anyone that wants to take on the 60-Day Achievement Program which is a success plan for your health. In as little as sixty days, you can take on a new life free from pain and suffering. Of course, results will vary but if you join a success plan and take action, then you are in position to achieve success. 

The podcasts are always aired on most Mondays at 10 AM (Pacific time). Just visit the live stream and put your questions in the chat window. 

This is a public campaign where Dr. Allan is taking on his own program. This is the 3rd public campaign since 2016, and he invites you to follow as he takes on the 60DAP. He is focusing on bringing live streams every day at 7 AM pacific time, engaging in his Bobblology Exercise Program and eating super healthy and on a cleanse. He is determined to get back to his ideal weight and let’s tune in below… And make sure you subscribe to his YouTube channel and hit the notification bell to get his latest videos at no charge. IF HE CAN DO IT… SO CAN YOU!

With four decades as a healthcare professional, Dr. David Allan possesses a unique skill set from the diversity of modalities he’s mastered through the years, along with his experience in teaching and private practice. Outside the mastery, most importantly, he has a passion for sharing his knowledge and helping people. He developed the 60-Day Achievement Program with trial and error over the last 25 years. His creative side began early as a professional musician in the 1970’s and ’80s, and then shifted into the health field in the 1980’s to the present to create David Allan Wellness and the David Allan Wellness Academy. Read more.

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